10 Things to Do in Chester

Things to Do in Chester

You may not have known this, but Funktion is based right in the heart of Chester & we like to think we know some of the best things to do around the beautiful historic city.

When it comes to things to do in Chester you certainly won’t find yourself running out of options but to make things that little bit easier for you, we have researched all of the best Chester attractions and put together a list of 10 entertaining and enjoyable things to do whilst in Chester.

10 Things to Do in Chester

Chester Cathedral - Things to Do in Chester

1. Chester Cathedral

An amazing historical and holy building which took over 275 years to rebuild into a Gothic style around 1250, Chester Cathedral is right in the heart of Chester and is a buzzing attraction for both the local and visitors.

The cathedral is a hub not only for religious purposes such as prayer and communion, but also hosts many musical, cultural and educational events making it the perfect place to visit whilst in and around Chester.

You can even book a tower or ground floor tour in order to explore and learn about the magnificent building and all its history. When you are finished why not sit down in the refectory café and treat yourself to some delicious food and tasty drinks?

If you aren’t fancying what the café has on offer or would rather dine elsewhere in Chester, then have a look at the best restaurants in Chester and see if any of those take your fancy!

📌 St. Werburgh St » | Website »

Chester Zoo - Things to Do in Chester

2. Chester Zoo

Chester is proud to be the home of one of the country’s largest, most visited and best zoo’s around, also known as Chester Zoo. With over 21,000 animals to visit and 125 acres of zoological gardens to explore, it would be a shame not to be part of the 1.9 million visitors the zoo welcomes every year.

Chester Zoo believes in a “modern zoo concept” meaning you won’t see animals caged up as their enclosures have moats and ditches to stop any escapees rather than locking them in unnatural caged environments. You can even take a boat tour around the Islands at the zoo, which is perfect for sunny days!

📌 Upton-by-Chester » | Website »

Afternoon Tea at Chester Grosvenor - Things to Do in Chester

3. Afternoon Tea at Chester Grosvenor

Take some time out of your day and make your way over to the Chester Grosvenor and treat yourself to some scrumptious afternoon tea. This well-established venue has been serving up the finest afternoon tea since 1882, so it’s easy to say you’ll have a flawless and relaxing time there.

Perfect for any occasion, having afternoon tea at Chester Grosvenor will indulge you into many sweet creations put together by award winning chefs along with finger sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit, strawberries and cream, tea, coffee and much more! So, for a sophisticated, classy and luxurious afternoon dining experience, make sure to visit Chester Grosvenor.

📌 Eastgate St » | Website »

Walls of Chester - Things to Do in Chester

4. Walls of Chester

Originally built to defend Chester against attacking enemies in 80AD, the Walls of Chester have come a place for relaxing and socialising since the 1760’s. Whilst walking the walls you will come across beautiful views of Chester such as the racecourse, amphitheatre, hills and much more.

To make things more exciting and educational, you can download an app on to your smartphone device called Walls Quest which will get you taking part in challenges at various points around the wall and will throw some interesting facts out along the way. Did you know Chester was founded in 74-5AD as a Roman Fortress called Deva?

You’re going to need a decent amount of energy in order to make it the full way around the walls, so why not treat yourself to the best breakfast in Chester before exploring?

📌 Chester Walls » | Website »

Chester Racecourse - Things to Do in Chester

5. Chester Racecourse

Known for being the oldest racecourse still in use in England, Chester Racecourse welcomes over 300,000 visitors annually and has received many awards for being such a great venue, so why wouldn’t you want to pay it a visit?

You don’t have to worry about visiting on a race day as there are plenty things to do when there are no racing events on such as wine and dine at the amazing 1539 Restaurant or The White Horse and stay overnight at Holiday Inn Express with views overlooking the course. Chester Racecourse hosts a variety of events all year long, giving you even more reasons to pay a visit. Why not head to one of the best clubs in Chester after the races?

📌 Chester Racecourse » | Website »

Chester Rows - Things to Do in Chester

6. Chester Rows

The perfect Roman environment for a good shopping trip, Chester Rows are galleries which give people access to a second row of shops positioned above street level along main city centre roads. Along the rows you will find a variety of shops including high street gems, designer brands and independent stores.

Chester Rows are one of the most distinguishing features within the city as they combine Medieval, Georgian and Victorian architecture as well as making retail therapy that bit easier. See all the Chester events taking place throughout the year.

Eastgate St, Bridge St & Watergate St

Storyhouse - Things to Do in Chester

7. Storyhouse

Opened in 2017, Storyhouse is a combination of a theatre, library and cinema making it a cultural hub for the community and visitors, it even has its own amazing restaurant inside! With over one million visits within its first year, Storyhouse has continued to draw in plenty visitors, including Her Majesty the Queen and The Duchess of Sussex.

Storyhouse always has amazing activities throughout the year, in fact over 2,000! So, if you are fancy attending a festival, watching a live theatre performance or reading a book then Storyhouse is certainly the best place to be. Check out some of the things to do in Cardiff.

📌 Hunter St » | Website »

Grosvenor Park - Things to Do in Chester

8. Grosvenor Park

A Victorian park like no other, Grosvenor Park is full of rich history and 5.8 hectares of green open space which attracts a large number of visitors every year. This park isn’t just a standard park you can find anywhere else, as it is home to an activity zone, miniature railways, lodge café and an open-air theatre.

Take a stroll through the luscious green areas of the park and make your way to the riverfront or perhaps St John’s Church where you will find some ruins and amazing architecture. No matter what time of year, you can’t go wrong with visiting Grosvenor Park it keeps its glory and attraction all year long.

📌 Grosvenor Park Rd » | Website »

Go for an Ice Cream at the River - Things to Do in Chester

9. Go for an Ice Cream at the River

70 miles long and a popular destination for all in Chester, the River Dee is an amazing place to visit at any time during the year, but it is extra special during warmer weather where all the ice cream parlours open up.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to ice cream as there are various stands and shops that serve up plenty delicious cones and lollies, along with a modern Snugbury’s which is a café style ice cream shop. Take a seat on a bench and take in the amazing views as you treat yourself to a cheeky ice cream.

📌 The Groves » | Website »

Chester Bus Tour - Things to Do in Chester

10. Chester Bus Tour

Take a tour around the whole of Chester without the disadvantage of aching feet with the Chester Bus Tour. Hop on at one of the designated stops and relax as you make your way to the hotspots of Chester on an open top sightseeing bus.

Some of the main destinations are St John’s Church, The Groves, Pepper Street and much more, where you can simply hop off the bus and take a stroll around or maybe take part in a little retail therapy. The buses run from 9:30am until 5:48pm and restart every 30 minutes so you’ll have plenty time to give it a go!

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