Harry Potter Party Decorations for Any Occasion

15+ Harry Potter Decoration Ideas for a Hen Do

Are you planning a Harry Potter themed bash? Don’t be shy on the decorations!

With HP being such a popular theme, it’s easy to find decoration ideas for a Harty Potter party – no matter what your budget. Turn any venue into a slice of the wizarding world with these tantalising ideas that would make McGonagall proud.

What Are Harry Potter Party Supplies?

This buying guide covers anything and everything you need for a magical, wizard themed event. Sprinkle some additional magic onto the any occasion with these easy ideas that fit into any budget, home or hired venue. Below you can find DIY ideas, shop-bought fun and crazy Pinterest inspiration to turn your party in Hogwarts.

HP Themed Party Decorations

Are There Different Types of Harry Potter Birthday Banners?

Absolutely! You can find plenty of hp banner ideas for all budgets and aesthetics. We’ve collected some of our favourites for you to browse below and hang for yours or a loved ones birthday bash.

Felt HP Birthday Banner  - £3.99

Harry Potter Birthday Banner

Potter Party Banner - £15.89

Harry Potter Party Banner

HP Fabric Bunting- £9.50

Harry Potter Fabric Bunting

Handmade HP Bunting/­Banner.  - £3.50

Handmade Harry Potter Bunting / Banner

Harry Potter Party Favours

Let your guests leave platform 9 ¾ with a special gift to remind them of the magic of your party. For edible treats to fancy keepsakes, find inspiration for your potter party ware.

Potter Inspired Sweet Bags - 75p

Harry Potter Inspired Sweet Bags

Handmade Wooden Wizard Wands- £4

Handmade Wooden Wizard Wands

Wizard Style Gift Boxes - £1.95

Harry Potter Style Gift Boxes

HP Inspired Bracelets - £1

Harry Potter Inspired Bracelets

Need More Help?

If you’re stuck for group activities to match with your Harry Potter theme, let us help you out. We organise tons of group weekend events each year to help every kind of occasion come together effortlessly.

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