Dodgeball for Groups in Newquay

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  • £33.00

Activity Details

  • Play many games
  • Dodge, duck & dive
  • Venue hire & referee
  • Team bibs included

What’s Included

  • Briefing / rules explained
  • Split into teams
  • Fun variation of dodgeball games
  • Venue hire included
  • Team bibs
  • Dodgeballs balls
  • Event co-ordinator / Referee

The Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party is the perfect activity to get you pumped up and excited for a long night of partying ahead. A super simple yet immensely fun birthday party activity which absolutely anyone can get involved and have fun with. Dodgeball went down a storm with a PE class back in the day and now you can relive those fun times with your mates all over again with the Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party!

If you’ve never played dodgeball before then you’re really missing out! Don’t worry though, it’ll take no time at all to learn the rules and dive right in. The event is fully co-ordinated with some fun mini-games thrown in to add variety to the day and keep things fresh by putting a unique spin on the classic dodgeball formula. They’ll also be a referee on hand at all times to keep things fresh and ensure there’s no cheating going on!

Fancy dress is highly encouraged if you want to make your Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party even more memorable and fun. Whether you in it to win it or just after a bit of causal fun, The Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party is sure to satisfy both camps. Dodge, duck and weave your way through a torrent of dodgeballs. Launch dodgeballs at your opponents and take them out with skill and precision! Rules like catching an opponent’s ball to take them out of the game keep you active and on your toes, only adding to the excitement.

With the Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party, the venue hire is fully included, ensuring a hassle free booking experience which won’t stress you out and lets you focus on the fun stuff instead. A Newquay Dodgeball Birthday Party is a great for a laugh and an activity which everyone is sure to love.


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