Combat Archery Tag Hen Party in Bath

Hen Party Combat Archery Tag
  • Hen Party Combat Archery Tag
  • Hen Party Combat Archery Tag Event
  • Hen Party Combat Archery Tag Experience
  • Hen Party Combat Archery Tag Activity
  • Hen Party Combat Archery Tag Zone
  • £33.00

Activity Details

  • Action packed day
  • Battle against each other
  • Bunkers and barriers
  • Latest Craze!

What to Expect from a Combat Archery Tag Hen Party in Bath?

With a combat archery tag hen party in Bath, you and the girls have the chance to get sporty and bring about some healthy competition on your last weekend of freedom! A hybrid sport that combines the accuracy and skill of archery with the fast-paced action of dodgeball, this experience sees you and the girls split up into separate teams before taking to the court to battle it out! Just like the rules of dodgeball, you will need to take aim and fire your foam arrows at your opponents, knocking them out of the game with a successful hit. With specially-designed bunkers on each side, teams will also earn extra points for hitting these successfully. Then, at the end of the day, your referee will announce who the winners are!

What’s Included

  • The latest adrenaline action day
  • Like playing dodgeball and archery in one activity
  • Event co-ordinators included
  • Start with two equal teams
  • Each team has up to 5 specially designed bunkers where 5 target cones are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball.
  • You get points for eliminating players and hitting the target cones.
  • If a player catches an arrow, they can bring one of their eliminated players back in to the game.
  • A match is made up to 5 games, each game lasts about 10 minutes.
  • There are 12 bows in play at any time
  • All the bows and specialised arrows are included
  • Bibs, helmets, barriers and bunkers supplied
  • Sport venues are used around and out of the city centre


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