Chain Reaction Team Building in Exeter

Chain Reaction
  • Chain Reaction
  • Chain Reaction Activity
  • Chain Reaction Challenge
  • Chain Reaction Event
  • Chain Reaction Experience

Activity Details

  • Encourages team cooperation
  • Design & build simple tasks
  • Link chain sections together
  • Produces a domino reaction

Make sure your team brings their a-game with our very popular chain reaction team building in Exeter. This activity encourages good teamwork and commu­nica­tion, but also a lot of creativity and ingenuity in order to complete the task succes­sfully. Teams will be assigned to a section of the chain reaction run and must make sure not only that it works, but it connects well with the previous and next section.

Within each section, every member of staff will need to pull their weight to make sure the chain reaction at the end of the workshop is a success! This is a great way to motivate a team of individuals, as everyone feels of value and importance to the end product.

What’s Included

  • Use creative skill and solve problems
  • Start with a briefing as to how the day will run
  • Teams must work together to build the ultimate chain reaction
  • Each team will design and build their own section of the overall challenge
  • Even though you’re working in individual teams you must ultimately work collectively together to complete the challenge.
  • Fully managed event
  • Inclusive team building activity
  • Each team will prove whether their teamwork element has paid off as in the final test, if it all works, your chain reaction will set off a confetti canon!


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