Best Bars in Tenerife

Best Bars in Tenerife

Just off Africa’s west coast you’ll find this party paradise island. Popular with British holidaymakers and party-goers alike for decades, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t head to Tenerife for a big celebration!

With world-renowned clubs and bars, this island knows how to put on a wild night out. With the island’s nightlife centred around the bustling Playa de Las Américas to the south, here you’ll find the infamous strip and a whole host of unique and atmospheric venues for you to check out. However, don’t go in blind without doing your research! Make sure you take a look at our list of the best bars in Tenerife below before you jet off for the last night of freedom.

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Where are the best Bars in Playa de Las Americas?

Situated on the south-western corner of the island, Playa de las Américas is known for being the party paradise of the Canary Islands. If you're looking for all-out fun with all the frills that the Spanish nightlife scene is world-famous for, then these awesome Playa de Las Americas bars will be sure to tick all the boxes for you!

Best Bars in Tenerife - The Dubliner

1. Dubliner Tenerife

Arguably one of the best Irish bars on the island, The Dubliner Tenerife is a fantastic late-night venue situated in the lively Playa de La Américas area. Over time, this popular spot has expanded into two bars, with the Gaelic Corner situated above-ground and the Dubliner below. With live music, great vibes and amazing drinks prices on Guinness and all the Irish classics, you simply can't miss out on the craic here.

📌 C. México » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Leonardo's

2. Leonardo's

A popular hotspot for those looking for live sports and entertainment, Leonardo’s Tenerife is another busy bar on the strip that you should consider taking a look at! Just a short walk away from the Starco shopping area, this venue stays open throughout the day serving well-priced drinks and delicious food. You will also find that there are regular club nights hosted at the bar as well, offering something for both daytime explorers and late-night party goers alike!

📌 Av. Rafael P. Lluvina, 11 | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Harry's Bar

3. Harry's Bar

Situated on the top level of the Safari shopping centre is Harry’s Bar, one of the most well-loved and well-known party hotspots anywhere on the island. Open every day of the week ‘til late, this bar is the perfect place to grab a cocktail or two no matter what time of the day or night it is. Noted for their wonderful cocktails, this is a great place to stop off at on a big night out on the strip as well!

📌 Av. las Américas, 5 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - SAX Rock Bar

4. SAX Rock Bar

For those of you looking for a more alternative venue, head over to SAX Rock Bar, situated on the doorstep of Playa de Las Américas beach. This venue is most popular with those that come on a night out to take in some fantastic live music performances, as this bar hosts a local band almost every night of the week, so there’s never a bad time to stop by for a drink or two! Inside the venue you’ll find plenty of space to dance the night away as well as a decent sized terrace out in the front.

📌 C. México, 3 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Kaluna Beach Club

5. Kaluna Beach Club

If you’re after a venue that’s both lively and boasts stunning views of the ocean then Kaluna Beach Club Tenerife is the place to go! Just a short distance from Starco you’ll find this amazing bar, open throughout the day ‘til late serving up some of the best food and drink anywhere on the island! With a stylish and modern outdoor area, you can sit out on the sun loungers sipping on a cocktail (or two) whilst enjoying the sunset. What’s not to love?

📌 CC. Cen. Costa Local, 79  » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - The Rumpot Tenerife

6. The Rumpot Tenerife

The famous Rumpot Tenerife is a brilliant English pub & karaoke bar that puts on live entertainment every night of the week! With a lively and exciting atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’re right back in your local pub when you step foot in this epic venue. Established in 1984, this is one of the most well-loved bars on the island, especially with British visitors. Staying open throughout the day ‘til the early hours of the morning, there’s always something going on at The Rumpot!

📌 Av. de España » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Manneke Pis Belgian Beer Bar

7. Manneke Pis Belgian Beer Bar

Named after the famous statue in Brussels, Manneke Pis Belgian Beer Bar is situated on the bustling Calle México yet sits tucked away from the busy strip. If you’re a fan of beer, particularly Belgian beer, then this is probably the best place to go to! Serving all the classics you’d expect to find like Duvel and Leffe, this bar is known for holding a great range of weird & wonderful beers that you may never have even heard of before! Before you head to any bars make sure you've filled your stomachs at one of the best restaurants in Tenerife

📌 C. México, 3 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Lava Lounge Bar

8. Lava Lounge Bar

Right on the beachfront you’ll find the wonderful Lava Lounge Bar, a well-established venue that also doubles up as an Italian restaurant. Noted for its late-night opening hours and party vibes, this is also a great place to head to for some food during the day with a chilled out atmosphere. Since opening in 2016, this bar has quickly become one of the best all-round bar venues on the island, and we certainly can’t think of any reasons not to visit!

📌 Av. Arq. G. Cuesta, 2 | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Brewers Droop

9. Brewers Droop

Hosting unforgettable nights throughout the week, Brewers Droop is a great venue all-round if you’re looking for a buzzing party atmosphere, live entertainment and karaoke! Boasting plenty of space inside, this bar also features a spacious terrace area outside, complete with its own bar for when you need to sit out and take a break from the party! As this bar is open throughout the day and into the night, you can come here to enjoy a few drinks at any time of the day as there’s always something exciting going on here!

📌 C. México | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - The Pub - Tenerife

10. The Pub - Tenerife

Of course, we couldn’t finish off this list without The Pub! Just as you’d expect from the name, this no-nonsense boozer is the place to go for cheap drinks and an atmosphere you would expect to find at your local pub back home! Serving a range of unique cocktails, British beers and food throughout the day, there’s never a bad time to stop by at this little slice of England in the Spanish sun!

📌 Av. Ernesto Sarti, 14 | Website »

Bars in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Capital of the island and the Canaries as a whole, Santa Cruz is a fantastic city that’s often overlooked by visitors. Despite not having the reputation of Playa de Las Americas when it comes to nightlife, Santa Cruz is a fantastic city to explore with its classic Spanish architecture, city parks, restaurants and plenty of places to enjoy a pint or a cocktail!

El Hombre Bala - Best Bars in Tenerife

1. El Hombre Bala

A classic rock bar in the heart of the city, El Hombre Bala is a cool and eclectic bar in Santa Cruz that will make you feel right at home. Throughout the week, you’ll find live sports being shown on the big TV screen as well as plenty of classic tipples served behind the bar like Guinness, Young’s beers and more. If you’re feeling a bit peckish whilst you’re here, they also serve tonnes of bar snacks from peanuts to nachos. If you’re looking for a proper no-nonsense experience and a great atmosphere, then this bar is definitely worth checking out.

📌 Av. Fran. la Roche, 7 » | Website »

Cine mas Copas - Best Bars in Tenerife

2. Cine mas Copas

An awesome club that plays a whole host of eclectic genres, Cine Mas Copas can be found right by the iconic Plaza de Espana in the Zona Centro. As you might have guessed from the name, this Santa Cruz bar takes inspiration from numerous blockbuster films of the 20th century when it comes to the décor, featuring murals and prints from films like Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas and more. With live music played throughout the week here, you’ll hear everything from jazz to blues to funk and dance tunes here.

📌 Milicias de Garachico, 1 » | Website »

Bambú Lounge Bar - Best Bars in Tenerife

3. Bambú Lounge Bar

A fantastic rooftop venue to the south of the city centre, Bambú Lounge Bar is known for its cool tiki-style décor and amazing views of both the city and the ocean. Open from Friday to Sunday each week, you can party the night away at this place with closing times stretching on until the early hours of the morning. With tonnes of cocktails to choose from the menu, this Santa Cruz bar also provides small bites like nachos and burgers for hungry party-goers too. Even if you don’t plan on visiting this bar on your big night out, it’s well worth visiting for an evening meal and a cheeky drink!

📌 C. Fdo. Arozena Quin. 5 » | Website »

Bámbola Santa Cruz - Best Bars in Tenerife

4. Bámbola Santa Cruz

Whilst this may not be your typical bar, Bambola Santa Cruz is a fantastic place to grab a beer if you’re passing by the area. Essentially, this place is a street-facing bar where punters can grab a beer and take a seat on their street-side terrace. With great beers from across Spain and Europe, this Santa Cruz bar also serves up some amazing cocktails. So if you’re looking for a quick drink on the way to the next bar, this place is well worth taking into consideration.

📌 Pl. de la Iglesia, 11 » | Website »

100 Montaditos Santa Cruz - Best Bars in Tenerife

5. 100 Montaditos Santa Cruz

A popular bar chain with venues across the country, 100 Montaditos Santa Cruz is best known for its classic Spanish-style sandwiches, but also its fantastic selection of drinks as well! With a sleek and modern interior, this Santa Cruz bar is perfect if you’re looking to stop for a bite to eat without interrupting the night out. With great prices on both food and drink and staying open ‘til 11pm, 100 Montaditos is well worth the visit.

📌 Pl. de la Candelaria, 10 » | Website »

La Guiri - Best Bars in Tenerife

6. La Guiri

A stylish and cosy Santa Cruz bar that resembles a 1920s speakeasy, La Guiri is best known for its high-end cocktails, stunning décor and lively atmosphere. Behind the bar, this place mainly specialises in awesome cocktails with tonnes of flair, but you can also find some great beers here too from around Spain and the rest of Europe. If you’re looking to party somewhere that adds a hint of class to your evening, then La Guiri is a great idea.

📌 C. Clavel, 9 » | Website »

Tattoo Art Café - Best Bars in Tenerife

7. Tattoo Art Café

A small yet eclectic bar known for its large artwork collection, the Tattoo Art Café is a great place to try some local Spanish beers whilst enjoying a lively atmosphere. Open all day throughout the week, this Tenerife bar also has plenty of seats out front to enjoy on a hot day. With regular live music here too, there’s never a bad time to pop down to this quaint bar for a few drinks.

📌 C. Imeldo Serís, 44 » | Website »

Wakanda Gastropub - Best Bars in Tenerife

8. Wakanda Gastropub

A cosy and modern Tenerife bar, the Wakanda Gastropub offers a cosy atmosphere and loads of Spanish beers to try out as well as a large cocktail menu. If you’re looking for a bite to eat as well, this place also serves some great food too from its speciality Wakanda burger to salads and curries and much more. If you happen to pass by here on a nice day, their large beer garden towards the rear of the venue is a great spot to sit out to enjoy a few drinks with your mates.

📌 C. San Juan Bautista, 33 » | Website »

Lone Star Santa Cruz - Best Bars in Tenerife

9. Lone Star Santa Cruz

Open ‘til the early hours of the morning on most nights of the week, Lone Star Santa Cruz is a brilliant live music bar that’s hosts a whole range of local bands with a particular focus on rock music. With a pool table and dart boards inside, this cool and modern bar is a great place to enjoy some classic beers too with pints like Guinness on tap and loads of bottles stocked behind the bar. If you prefer a more alternative setting to your night out, this place is well worth considering.

📌 Av. Fran. la Roche, 11 » | Website »

Isabella Lounge Bar - Best Bars in Tenerife

10. Isabella Lounge Bar

A brilliant shisha bar in the city centre, the Isabella Lounge Bar is a lively and popular place to enjoy a night out with a bit of a difference. With tonnes of cocktails on the menu to try out, this modern Santa Cruz bar also offers a great selection of beers too from classics like Stella Artois to local Spanish beers and more. Open ‘til late every weekend, it’s a place worth visiting if shisha is your thing.

📌 C. S. Vin. Ferrer, 1 » | Website »

Bars in San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Just north-west of Santa Cruz is the quaint city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, the second most populous city on the island. Despite having Tenerife North Airport on its doorstep, this Spanish city is less travelled than the other two areas of the island we’ve already mentioned. However, if you happen to find yourselves in San Cristóbal, there’s plenty of cool and eclectic bars for you to explore!

Best Bars in Tenerife - Tintin's Corner

1. Tintin's Corner

With around 300 beers available to try out, Tintin’s Corner is probably one of the most impressive beer bars anywhere on the island! Situated right in the centre of San Cristobal, this Tenerife bar stays open ‘til the early hours every night of the week, so it’s always worth stopping by here for a pint or two whatever your plans are for the day or night.

📌 Pl. de la Concepción, 7 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Beers La Laguna

2. Beers La Laguna

Despite the name, Beers La Laguna has way much more than just great drinks behind the bar! With an awesome food menu featuring well-stacked burgers, chicken wings desserts and more, this Tenerife bar has a little bit of everything depending on what kind of experience you’re after. When it comes to the drinks, this place stocks a massive range of craft beers from all around Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, so if craft is what you’re after you’ll be more than happy here.

📌 C. Alc. Alonso Suárez Melián, 21 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Mojos y Mojitos

3. Mojos y Mojitos

Known for serving great food and awesome cocktails, Mojos y Mojitos San Cristobal is a quaint and modern cocktail bar in the heart of the city. With minimalist décor inside, this Tenerife bar stocks a huge range of spirits behind the bar for you to browse and try out. Overlooking one of the city’s main public squares, it makes for a great place to sit out in the sunshine with a few drinks to relax.

📌 Pl. del Dr. Olivera, 10 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Bar La Tropical

4. Bar La Tropical

Close to the La Laguna University campus you’ll find Bar La Tropical, a small and cosy bar that’s open from morning ‘til night every day of the week bar Sundays. With a great wine selection, this Tenerife bar also stocks tonnes of bottled beers too like Leffe Blonde and loads more European favourites. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can always grab a tasty sandwich or burger with your drink here too!

📌 C. Heraclio Sánchez, 27 » | Website »

Best Bars in Tenerife - Cervecería La Herradura

5. Cervecería La Herradura

A bustling Tenerife bar that’s been a favourite in the city since opening up in 1994, the Cerveceria La Herradura is a fantastic place to enjoy all your favourite beers from Estrella Galicia & 1906 Reserve to Guinness, German beers and tonnes more to choose from. If cocktails are your thing, then you’ll be more than happy with the selection of tasty tipples on offer here too! With a pool table inside and space to sit out the front of the venue, there’s no bad time to pop down here on a night out.

📌 Pl. Víctor Zurita Soler » | Website »

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