20 Top Bars in Barcelona

Best Bars in Barcelona

It’s no wonder as to why Barcelona has ‘bar’ in its name as the sunny city is brimming with high quality, charming and quirky bars! We can ensure you won’t ever find yourself falling short of options when it comes to bars here.

If you are looking for the best bars in Barcelona then you are in the right place! We’ve decided to make things easier for you by crafting together a useful list of 20 truly charming and cool bars dotted all around the vibrant city…

20 Bars in Barcelona to Visit

Best Bars in Barcelona - El Paradiso

1. El Paradiso

Take a step into pure paradise and spoil yourself to some wonderful cocktails at El Paradiso! Located within the Gothic Quarter, this charming bar will truly blow you away not only with its tropical elements but also with its extensive cocktail menu. El Paradiso certainly lives up to Barcelona’s reputation for beautiful art, as the cocktails themselves are master­pieces! To give you an idea of what to expect, the solera president cocktail is served up in a smoking pipe with elements of vanilla tobacco infused throughout. The oddness is weirdly tempting, right?

Gothic Quarter | Carrer de Rera Palau | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Sor Rita

2. Sor Rita

Whilst we are on the subject of oddness lets dive into Sor Rita, one of the quirkiest bars in Barcelona. You’ll be surrounded by unusual objects as soon as you enter, whether that’s mannequin heads above the bar or high heel shoes glued to the ceiling, your eyes won’t stop wondering about! With plenty cheap and tasty cocktails on offer, it would be a shame not to give it a go. Why not take a visit to Sor Rita on one of their karaoke or bingo nights to spice things up a little?

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Gothic Quarter | Carrer de la Mercè | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Ocaña

3. Ocaña

If you are after elegance and sophis­tica­tion, then you won’t find much better than Ocaña. With high ceilings, plush furnishings and moody lighting from chandeliers you’ll feel like royalty whilst in this unique and spacious bar.  The cocktails certainly don’t let down the high end vibe as Ocaña is known for serving up some of the best cocktails in Barcelona without the high end price tag, with most cocktails ranging from around €9-€11. So, for a luxurious drinking experience without breaking the bank, head over to Ocaña.

Gothic Quarter | Plaça Reial 13-15 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Bar Manchester

4. Bar Manchester

Bar Manchester is like a home away from home and is filled to the brim with Mancunian charm and uniqueness. Here you will find yourself surrounded by posters of legendary Manchester bands from the Stone Roses to The Charlatans along with indie guitar music playing throughout the venue. The drinks menu is extensive and will spoil you with cask beer, cocktails and various other drink options that will certainly tickle everyone’s fancy! The bohemian décor and dimly lit red lighting will make you feel welcomed right away.

Gothic Quarter | Carrer de Milans 5 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - The Mint

5. The Mint

If you like mojitos or simply enjoy high quality drinks then you definitely have to give The Mint a good go. At this modern bar you will find a wide selection of house-infused gins that are loved by many along with plenty tempting cocktails. Head to the lower floor to find yourself immersed in a brick vaulted cellar drowning in deep red atmospheric lights and music beating throughout for a more upbeat celebratory party vibe.

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Gothic Quarter | Passeig d’Isabel II 4 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Marlowe Bar

6. Marlowe Bar

Marlowe Bar is a classic cocktail bar located in the heart of Barcelona where all the late night magic happens. With almost 40 years of serving up delicious drinks and entertaining those who enter, it’s no shock as to why this venue has made it on to our list. Those who have visited this atmospheric bar claim that the cocktails are out of this world, so if that doesn’t convince you to pay Marlowe Bar a visit then not much else will! Have a browse through some of the best bars in Prague.

Gothic Quarter | Carrer del Rec 24 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - La Burnessa

7. La Burnessa

If you have a soft spot for handcrafted cocktails created by passionate bartenders and upbeat Latin music, then you will absolutely adore La Burnessa! The lively and buzzing atmosphere will hit you at soon as you walk into La Burnessa, which starts as soon as the doors open and lasts until the doors close. The delicious drinks served here won’t break the bank as they are decently priced and come in generous servings so you could easily spend the entire night there.

Gothic Quarter | D’Avinyó, Carrer D’Avinyó 40 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Polaroid Bar

8. Polaroid Bar

Throw it back to the 80’s by paying the Polaroid Bar a friendly visit whilst in Barcelona. Beloved by locals and tourists, Polaroid Bar offers an 80’s themed cocktail menu that is reasonably priced and is bound to blow away those who take a sip. If cocktails aren’t up your street then there’s no need to worry as there are plenty Latin American and craft beers on offer as well! Everything is 80’s crazy, whether that’s the music, the cinema and video game décor or the drink names.

Gothic Quarter | Carrer dels Códols 29 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - The Snooker

9. The Snooker

Claiming to be one of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona since 1985, Snooker is a sophis­ticated and modern venue where you can sit back, relax and taste plenty delicious cocktails as you play pool or watch some sports on a HD screen. Snooker has one of the biggest spirit collections in the world with over 130 gins and 100 whiskeys available to order at the bar (that’s just a small example of what’s on offer). So, it would be a shame to miss out on such a great collection of drinks.

Eixample Region | Carrer de Roger de Llúria 42 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Boca Chica

10. Boca Chica

Indulge in a life of luxury for the night in Boca Chica. With extravagant lights, glass walls and leather accents throughout the bar, you’ll feel warm, welcomed and like you are in another world as soon as you step foot inside. Boca Chica has a history of seducing their customers in with their beautiful appearance and most importantly their delicious cocktails! The bartenders treat their beverages as a work of art, and that is evident in their extravagant and perfected presentation to match the expensive and sophis­ticated vibe of the bar.

Eixample Region | Passatge de la Concepció | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - CocoVail Beer Hall

11. CocoVail Beer Hall

Previously a textile factory from the 18th century, and now transformed into Barcelona’s first ever Beer Hall, CocoVail has been an absolute hit amongst the locals as well as tourists. So, if you are a lover of all things beer then this beer hall must be your version of heaven! There’s 24 rotational craft beers available on tap sourced from local breweries, whether you want a pint sized serving or a full pitcher is completely up to you! Check out some of the best bars in Amsterdam.

Eixample Region | Carrer D’Aragó 284 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Dry Martini

12. Dry Martini

With 40 years of experience behind them, Dry Martini is certainly one of Barcelona’s most iconic high end cocktail bars you will come across. Plenty people who have drank in this venue before have claimed that it is a must to visit this bar whilst in Barcelona and we totally agree with them! The professional bartenders ensure all drinks are of a high standard, so you definitely won’t be disappointed there. With warm wooden features and dimly lit lighting throughout, Dry Martini gives off a welcoming and atmospheric vibe, making it an easy going high end bar to spend a long time in.

Eixample Region | Carrer D’Aribau 162 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Monkey Factory

13. Monkey Factory

From the off, Monkey Factory gives off an energetic atmosphere like no other in Barcelona. High spirits are kept throughout the night until the door close, making it an excellent place to party until the sun rises, especially on weekends when talented DJ’s provide live music! There’s many innovative cocktails on the menu for you to try, so make your way to the neon green lit bar and get ordering some tasty cocktails!

Eixample Region | Carrer de Córsega 234 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Slow Barcelona

14. Slow Barcelona

Located right in the centre of the Eixample neig­hbo­ur­hood, Slow Barcelona is an intimate cocktail bar that oozes vibrant reds and violets throughout the whole venue with inspiration from clubs in New York during the golden age of cocktails. Enjoying elaborate cocktails in this bar is easy, simply sit back in one of the comfortable sofas and sip on your chosen beverage from the extensive menu whilst you bask in the elegant yet moody atmosphere. The bartenders take care on every single detail ensuring your cocktails are handcrafted to perfection.

Eixample Region | Carrer de París 186 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Hemingway Gin & Cocktail Bar

15. Hemingway Gin & Cocktail Bar

An amazing and intimate venue with a big heart, Hemingway Gin & Cocktail Bar is perfect for smaller groups who are wanting to treat themselves to rare gin, craft cocktails and worldwide whisky in a charming and friendly environment. By using only the finest spirits and freshest ingredients, this little bar and its bartenders take care in every little detail that goes into their drinks and service, ensuring that all those that visit are provided with the finest cocktail experience in Barcelona.

Eixample Region | Carrer de Muntaner | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Milano Cocktail Bar

16. Milano Cocktail Bar

If live music is a must during your drinking antics then you’ll be a huge fan of Milano Cocktail Bar! With live music performances 365 days of the year and delicious cocktails to go along with that, you won’t be disappointed when paying this classic cocktail bar a visit. The atmosphere inside Milano Cocktail Bar is very warming, with big comfy booths and large chairs to relax in, all your stresses and worries will simply fade away.

Eixample Region | Ronda de la Universitat 35 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Le Pop Cocktail Bar

17. Le Pop Cocktail Bar

Stimulate your senses with some unique and delicious handcrafted cocktails at Le Pop Cocktail Bar! Located within the cosmopolitan heart of Barcelona, this bar excites all those who visit with their wide range of music choices, ranging from 50’s to the 80’s with an edgy modern twist! The bartenders at Le Pop Cocktail Bar are master mixologists and take care when crafting together your chosen cocktails to ensure every last drop is as tasty as can be!

El Raval | La Rambla 111 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Caribbean Club

18. Caribbean Club

The Caribbean Club first opened its doors to the public in the 70’s and has excited and pleased all those who have stepped foot inside since it’s opening. With naval décor throughout, linking the sea and rum together, all of your senses will be awoken whilst you sit back into the comfy chairs and sip on your delicious handcrafted cocktails appreciating and discovering all the rich and interesting history behind what has gone into your drink. Everything feels intimate and personal in this cocktail bar in Barcelona, including the drinks menu that is hand drawn!

El Raval | Carrer de les Sitges 5 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - La Whiskeria

19. La Whiskeria

Like whiskey? Then La Whiskeria will be the most perfect bar in Barcelona for you! Open for over 60 years, this bar has gathered an amazing and vast collection of whiskeys from all over the world and has educated their staff on all the ins and outs of the whiskey world. There’s plenty cocktails available too if you want a break from whiskey, with extra care taken to prepare everything perfectly from the glasses to the fresh ingredients! The warm and welcoming atmosphere will be felt as soon as you enter, making it a safe bet for out list of best bars in Barcelona.

El Raval | Carrer de les Sitges 3 | Website

Best Bars in Barcelona - Nevermind

20. Nevermind

If you are a fan of grunge, garage and punk music and appreciate being around metalheads and skaters alike, then Nevermind is your best bet in Barcelona. This pub is covered in graffiti art head to toe and projects videos of skatebo­arding tips and tricks all night long. There’s a skate ramp inside so skaters can show off their insane skills and you can even get a bucket sized serving of caipirinha! To top things off there’s an amazing happy hour which includes litre cocktails and cheap beers!

El Raval | Carrer dels Tallers 68 | Website

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