American School Party Bus Hen Do in Amsterdam

American School Party Bus
  • £546.50

Activity Details

  • Party in Style
  • American school bus
  • Completely renovated
  • Fridge full of beverages

What to Expect from the American School Party Bus Hen Party in Amsterdam?

A stylish way to see the city with your own chauffeur and a completely renovated party interior. Your American school party bus hen party in Amsterdam gives you a good view of the city, with a fully equipped glitter dance floor, LED lights and sound system. There is also a fridge full of chilled beverages on board for you and the girls to dip into. Why not start the party early and start celebrating on the way?

What’s Included

  • Private party bus
  • Along with chauffeur
  • Completely renovated
  • Fully equipped with LED lights, dance floor and sound system
  • A fridge full of ice cold beverages for your party


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