A-Z Date Night Ideas to Surprise Your Other Half

Cocktails for a Wedding

When it comes to your wedding you want to make sure that you and your newlywed are happy, but also your guests.

Surprising her can become difficult once you get to know each other more, or have been with each other for years as you get to know everything about each other. Especially when you are up to something. No matter how hectic life gets it is important to make sure that you always challenge yourselves to make time for date night or date day, so why not mix it up abit and do something you don’t usually do. So we are here to help make life easier for you and impressing your other half with our A-Z Date Night Ideas.

A – Aquarium, Afternoon Tea, Air BnB

B – Bowling, Bake Something, Balloon Ride

C – Concert, Cooking Class, Café Date

D – Double Date, Dominos, Dine in

E – Escape Room, Exercise Together, Explore Somewhere New

F – Film Night, Festival, Fort Building

G –Game Night, Glamping, Goggle Football

H – Happy Hour, Harry Potter Marathon, Hike

I –Ice Cream, Ice Skating, Italian or Indian

J – Junk Food Day, Jive Dance,Jigsaw Puzzle

K – Fly a Kite, Go Karting, KFC

L –Live Music, Lazy Day, Go for Lunch

M –Movies, Mini Golf, Musical

N – Nandos, Night Out, Night In

O – Off-Road Buggies, Open Air/Outdoor Cinema, Go Outdoors

P –Picnic, Pizza Making, Pool

Q – Quiz Night, Quadruple Date, Make Quesadillas

R – Road Trip, Retail Therapy, Rooftop Bar

S – Sunset, Stargazing, Spa Day

T –Theme Park, Tapas, Trampoline Park

U – Unwind, Try Unusual Foods, Go to an Upscale Restaurant

V – Go on Vacation, see a Variety Show, Explore Vintage Shops

W – Walking, Water Park, Weekend Getaway

X – Play Xbox, Watch X-Men…we guess that’s it.

Y –Yoga, rent a Yurt, Say Yes to Everything for One Day

Z – Zoo, Zip Wire, Zero Gravity Flight

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