Wacky Wheels Team Building in Birmingham

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Activity Details

  • Lively & enjoyable
  • Prizes for the winning teams
  • Head to head races
  • Encourages team bonding

What’s Included

  • Fully trained instructors will give you a briefing as to how the day will run
  • Brings teams together by achieving objectives in a lively and enjoyable way!
  • Teams will take part in a series of challenges to gain sponsorship for their team
  • A day filled with fun, laughter and maybe a few bumps along the way
  • It’s your chance to be the next formula one hero!
  • Each team will design and create their car and the driver!
  • Once each team have created their car and it has passed its MOT, they will go head to head in a series of wacky races
  • Medals will be given for 1st & 2nd place

This truly unique Birmingham Whacky Wheels team building activity gives the whole team the chance to show their creative side as they battle it out to build their very own wacky wheels and become the new formula one heroes! This event is perfect for team bonding as you will need to communicate with your other team members and work together in order to achieve the aim of the game.

At the start of the day you will be split into teams by your host and each team will be allocated a budget. Every team will have basic tools and equipment but you must then purchase any other equipment you will need from the auto shop. Once you have collected everything you need your team will then need to work together to build and customise your vehicle.

After everyone has finished building their vehicle, each one will need an MOT certificate before any driving begins, if your vehicle passed its MOT then you will be able to enter the challenges and if not then it’s back to square one!

Once everyone has received their MOT then all vehicles will head to the race track where you will go head to head in a number of wacky races. The winners of each race will receive points and at the end of the day, the team with the most points will be crowned the winners of the Whacky Wheels team building activity in Birmingham!

Some of the races you may take part in are below:

  • Round the Relay
  • Emergency Stop
  • Drag Race
  • In and Out
  • Water Water Everywhere
  • Straight Ballin’


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