Vodka Tasting Stag Do in Krakow

Vodka Tasting
  • £45.00

Activity Details

  • Tasting activity
  • 5 different vodkas
  • Expert vodka guide
  • Snack included

With the vodka tasting stag do in Krakow you and the lads will be able to try out something totally new and unique with this exciting activity. Vodka is a very common drink and is enjoyed by a lot of people so it is pretty interesting having the opportunity to learn a little bit more about this famous spirit in the vodka tasting experience. You will be able to taste 5 different polish vodkas each along with having a vodka expert with you for the activity to give you facts and figures about this spirit. As well as having a snack each to go with your vodka tasting.

What’s Included

  • Learn a little about the spirit with the vodka tasting experience in Krakow
  • Tasting of 5 different Polish vodkas each
  • Vodka Expert
  • Snack each included
  • English speaking guide to take you to the event


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