Virtual Team Socials

Virtual Team Socials

If you have been successful with remote working so far, this means you have kept your company ethos and atmosphere going throughout your employee’s homes.

A lot have things have become uncertain this year and your working environment will probably never be the same again. Some businesses have made the decision to head back into the office, which means no more comfy pyjama bottoms and only walking a mere 10 steps to your ‘office’. But if your one of the businesses that has made the step of working from home a little more permanent then we’re here for you and your team.

Working remotely has become the new normal and it is definitely not something that we would have predicted for 2020. There are so many benefits to working from home but with the benefits of course come the cons. It can be a lonely working environment with no office banter, chats whilst your making a coffee or even just a brief hello when you walk into the building. One of the main issues is that face to face interaction becomes a distant memory for you and your team.

Keeping Connected with Your Team

When it comes to remote working you will find that managers and colleagues will be planning and organising as many individual and group meetings as possible. This is where video calling software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become extremely useful. Being able to organise video meetings have made it a lot easier for people to adapt and have a sense of normality still when it comes to working from home.

As well as the daily meetings that you have in place for your team, virtual team activities are also a great idea that will bring your team together in an environment that doesn’t have to be about work. Having social interactions in between all of the meetings and discussions are just as much of a vital part of remote working.

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Why Are Virtual Team Socials Important?

Virtual team socials definitely play an important role in remote working and will be the thing that keeps your team together in between all of the usual working days. You could do something as simple as putting together a quiz to do over zoom on a Friday afternoon or create your own work happy hour where you can enjoy a quiz before the weekend starts! Or if you are wanting something a bit more organised we have some fun virtual team social offerings below.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Perfect for testing your logic, problem solving skills and general knowledge. You will be split up into smaller teams and you will have 60 minutes to find clues and complete tasks that will all lead to your escape. Using the latest app technology you can have between 5 and 500 people take part in this experience.

Virtual Cocktail Making

Learn how to shake things up and create your own delicious drinks. Each guest will receive a box delivered to their door with all the ingredients and alcohol they’ll need to complete the activity. As well as this you will have a professional mixologist to host the event. You will have 4 different cocktails you’ll make during the session.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Think you’ve got what it takes to solve a murder? You will first be given a run down and all the information you need about the murder that has took place in the manor house from your online host. From there you will be split up into smaller groups and you can work through evidence and investigate to solve the crime and find the killer.

Virtual Chocolate Making

This chocolate experience is like no other, you will have all the ingredients you need delivered to your door before the event day comes. Then with a professional chocolatier who will host the event you will learn exactly how to create some delicious truffles. At the end of the session each guest will have around 20 truffles to enjoy.

Virtual Rogue Agent

You will have to work in small groups to bring the rogue MI5 agent to justice. Collect evidence and solve clues that can be used to find the untru­stworthy rogue agent with your group. There will be experienced actors who will host the event for you and it will be ran on online software’s like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

If you are looking to plan your own virtual team building we have some amazing ideas for you. As well as some great virtual office Christmas parties.

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