Turbo Ten10 Cricket Stag Do in Swansea

Turbo Cricket
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  • £32.00

Activity Details

  • Short Ten10 cricket match
  • Bats, balls, stumps
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard

What Do You Do in The Turbo Cricket Stag Do in Swansea?

We all know & love this classic English sport, but a turbo cricket stag do in Swansea brings a totally fresh take on the game with faster paced gameplay and an easier learning curve! This is a great way to bring some heart-pumping action to your day and is great for all the sporty lads out there looking for a unique way to celebrate. With a soft ball, there’s no need for protective gear so everyone on the pitch feels comfortable. One of the biggest rule changes is that the batsman has unlimited runs and every player must bowl, so that everyone gets a turn. 6 runs are also worth 10 instead, making the game a lot more interesting and competitive for everyone!

What’s Included

  • Fast paced Cricket game
  • All the cricket equipment, including bats, balls, stumps
  • Event co-ordinator / referee
  • Venue hire included
  • Turbo Ten10 scorecard


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