Totally Wiped Out for Groups in Birmingham

Totally Wiped Out
  • Totally Wiped Out
  • Totally Wiped Out Activity
  • Totally Wiped Out Event
  • Totally Wiped Out Experience
  • Totally Wiped Out Party
  • £50.00

Activity Details

  • 6 legendary games
  • Prize for the winning team
  • Perfect for groups
  • Unique & memorable
If you’re looking for a unique and hilarious birthday party activity, look no further than this wet and wild Totally Wiped Out experience in Birmingham. Slip, slide and laugh your way to victory with these 6 legendary games that will test your strength, durability and willingness to win! Take part in games such as the Tricky Trunks, Drop & Drift and the difficult Punch Wall to become the winning team and claim the prize.

What’s Included

  • Introduction and safety briefing
  • Be prepared to get wet and wild in this inflatable war zone
  • You’ll be briefed on each activity before it begins
  • Everyone will play 6 legendary games
  • Each team will tackle whacky challenges
  • Will you become a champion or will you be totally wiped out?
  • Take spare clothes and a towel because we can’t promise you won’t get wet and foamy
  • A prize for the winning team

Everything you need is included for this unforgettable day of fun, all you need to bring is some spare clothes and a towel depending on how stuck in you get. With around 3-4 hours to enjoy the Birmingham inflatable courses and games, there’s plenty of time to master the ropes and enjoy each game to the full, creating some unforgettable memories for your birthday party!

Totally Wiped Out Games:

Big Red Balls -  Scramble and leap across the big red balls and race to the finish line, be warned if you fall off you’ll have to clamber back up before you can keep going

Tricky Trunks - Slide your way along the giant inflatable trunks while the foam river does its best to tip you off.

Drop & Drift - Go head to head in a relay race down a foamy slide where your scores are based on distance.

Obstacle - This crazy obstacle course is filled with blow up obstacles, ground blocks and plenty of surprises that are designed to test your strength

Sweeper Arm - Stand on the big red counters and jump tactically to avoid being swept of your feet by the rotating arm

Punch Wall - On one side of the wall contestants inch their way across a giant beam while their opponents push inflatable rods through the wall trying to knock them off


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