Top 15 Suit Trends for a Wedding

Top 15 Suit Trends

Whether you are getting married or attending a wedding it can be a struggle figuring out what to wear. Or how to style a suit you’ve worn before to make it look new. If you’re unsure on a pattern, the style or the accessories, we have come up with 15 suit trends that you could use for a wedding.

1.Light and Bright

This one is perfect if you have or are heading to a summer wedding. Or you just before a beige more than a black. It is a fresh take on a traditional suit that we think not many people will go for and it is definitely a bonus if you are heading to a summer wedding as you won’t attract the heat!

2. To Tux or Not to Tux

Now we’re sure this is a question that is running through your mind, do you just go all out or do you keep it casual. If you are someone who is in suits for work then we think a tux would be perfect, it is a great way to make yourself feel smarter if you live in a suit.

3. Bring Back the Braces

Braces are a great way to add some style to your look, or a pop of colour if your suit is lacking! Colourful braces look great with a white shirt or even a pattern printed shirt. It is perfect if you like being abit more out there with your style and doing something that most maybe wouldn’t.

4. Tie vs Dicky Bow

The modern day debate, a classic tie or a dicky bow? Going with a tie is great if you are pairing it with a waistcoat and a jacket or just a waistcoat whereas a bow tie traditi­onally is paired with a jacket and/or braces. So depending on what your suit is could depend on what you decide to go with.

5. Add Some Check

A checked suit is always a crowd pleaser, and if you’re one for wanting to stand out then this is your answer. You can get so many variations whether you’re after a checked trouser or jacket or perhaps just the tie. When it is all put together it always looks good.

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6. Consider the Wedding Colours

If you aren’t one for anything too adventurous why not stick to a standard suit or one you already have but then consider the colours of the wedding. If the theme is neutrals, why not add a tie linking to that colour or make the handkerchief the same colour.

7. Leave the Jacket at Home

Probably only a good idea for those summer weddings where no jacket is accepted. But sometimes the no jacket look can be dressed up. Think of this, some smart tailored trousers, a nice shirt, some braces and a dicky bow. Sounds nice and fresh right?

8. Handkerchief vs Flowers

Depending on your style depends on what you would go for here but a handkerchief or flowers is a great way to add some colour and depth into your outfit. If you aren’t a guy who loves colour, then this subtle pop is definitely the way to go.

9. Men in Black

Who can turn down a classic black suit. It is a great way to keep your outfit nice and simple but still look very classic and smart. And if you are a groomsman this is always a good look for you all to be in, especially for the wedding pictures.

10. Do it Like the Scots

Kilts are all the rage, especially for the Scots. It is a classic symbol of a Scottish wedding and a great way to mix things up abit. Especially if you are the groom and the rest of the wedding guests will be in suits. You’d definitely stand out.

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11. Style Up Your Cuffs

Cufflinks are a classic addition to your attire and it is a great way to smarten up whilst still being subtle about it. If you are the groom why not have matching personalised cufflinks with all of your groomsmen to remember the special day.

12. Keep it Classic

With this we are talking suit jackets the lot. Classic suits are always a winner and are great for the wedding photos especially if the groom and the groom’s men are wearing the same attire. And it is definitely a safe bet when it comes to deciding on a suit.

13. Add Some Fun

Now this is a good one for the groom and the groomsmen, if you’re a group of lads who are always up for a laugh then add some fun into your suits. This could be with some silly matching socks that peak through your shoes or a pin to put on your suit jacket.

14. Mad Hatter

Are hats still in? Of course they are and they are a great addition to your suit! They look formal and very classic with no effort really needed at all. And the different styles of hats are endless, and lads they’re especially good if you are having a bad hair day.

15. Shades of Grey

A classic colour that looks fresh, and timeless. A grey suit is a suit that goes with everything, whether you are adding some colour into the look or you want to keep it minimal. It is a great option, and with all the shades of grey you would be spoilt for choice.

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