Top 10 German Beers for Oktoberfest

Top 10 German Beers for Oktoberfest

We are sure you are familiar with the yearly event that is called Oktoberfest but just in case you aren’t…

This year Oktoberfest started earlier this week and is until the 7th October. It is known as the world’s largest Volksfest, and for those of you out there who don’t speak German that means beer festival. Annually it is held in Munich, Germany and is usually a 16-18-day folk festival. In Germany it is often called the Wiesn and it is a very important part of the Bavarian culture, it has been held since 1810 and this year will mark the 208th year!

To give you an example, here are some annual statistics of Oktoberfest. There are appro­ximately 6,900,000 litres of beer drank, 94,795 litres of wine, 1,130,701 litres of water and lemonade, 549,899 units of chicken ate, 140,225 pork sausages and over 1,000 tonnes each year of waste. Trust us when we say Oktoberfest is big.

On average more than 7 million people attend the event every year from all around the world, crazy right? So we thought if we can’t go over to Oktoberfest, why not bring the festivities to us with the top 10 German beers to try during Oktoberfest.

Best Beers for Oktoberfest

1. Radeberger Pils

This beer is from the world’s oldest brewery and this type of beer took over the world after the German and Czech migrants introduced it to the UK, USA and a few other countries.

2. Weihen­stephan

If you are after a wheat brew, then this should be at the top of your list. A light and yeasty sweetness makes it a very refreshing beer to drink.

3. Erdinger Kristall

Another great wheat beer is from the world’s largest wheat beer brewery, Erdinger. It is a beer that is loved by many and a crystal-clear version of the traditional Hefeweizen.

4. Spaten Oktoberfest

Traditi­onally it is brewed around March time and then served in the Autumn for the Oktoberfest celeb­ra­tions, is a sweet brown beer with a malty taste. Perfect to create your own festivities.

5. Berliner Weisse

Known as a summery beer with a tart and tangy flavour, is a classic summer drink in Berlin and is served in a large boule-like glass.

6. Gaffel Kölsch

Usually if you are ever in Cologne you’ll see everybody ordering rounds of this light refreshing beer which is only brewed in and around the city.

7. Augustiner Hell

Brewed in Munich, this mild, sparkling and refreshing beer is easy to drink and a go to for the city dwellers out there.

8. Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock

This beer is brewed in an unusual way; it is made by freezing off a portion of water inside the brew and then removing it which results in a super-concen­trated beer.

9. Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock

This brewed drink plays a major part in the German beer world, it is a bottom-fermented beer which is darker and richer than usual.

10. Aecht Schlenkeria Rauchbier

Now this beer is usually harder to find then most but well worth it, this sweet malty beer is located in the hills of Bamberg and was founded in 1405.

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