The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Team Building in Norwich

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Activity Details

  • Mixture of the best hunts
  • Huge variety of challenges
  • GPS tablets & app technology
  • Gets everyone involved

Turn the city centre into your venue as teams take on a host of fun and hilarious challenges with a competitive twist in the ultimate treasure hunt team building in Norwich. If you haven’t decided on a theme for your next corporate activities day or you just want to do something casual that everybody can get involved with, then this is a fantastic choice. Splitting the room up into smaller teams, each will need to head into the city centre with their tablet devices, which will come pre-loaded with the bespoke event app on the day. Taking on a range of challenges and tasks from answering pub trivia questions to solving spy school clues, this event brings together all the best content from our most popular smartphone treasure hunts. With a live scoreboard to keep track, who will score the most points and take home the 1st place medals?

What’s Included

  • The best challenges from all our treasure hunt themes rolled into one
  • Huge variety of content from the city, spy school, hunt the apprentice, pub and street Olympics treasure hunt challenges
  • Work in teams of 5 people to complete the challenges and score the most points
  • A very enjoyable team event focusing on encouraging creativity, commu­nica­tion and humour
  • Challenges including photo, video, multiple choice, music and free hand questions.
  • GPS tablets are pre-loaded with your unique event
  • Live scoreboard, team tracker map, image recognition
  • Medals for each member of the winning team
  • Event briefing, and a wrap up and results session
  • Package excludes venue hire and AV/ PA for the briefing and results session
  • Optional extra’s include – Company branding, perso­nali­sation of content, wrap up video – ask for details


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