The Detective Team Building Activity in Watford

The Detective
  • The Detective
  • The Detective Team Building Activity
  • The Detective Team Building Event
  • The Detective Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Thrilling crime investigation
  • Solve cryptic clues
  • Forensic & FBI techniques
  • Meet with informants

Bring the workforce together and work as one big group to solve the case of the missing gold bullion with the detective team building activity in Watford. An immersive and excitingly tense workshop that puts your colleagues into the shoes of a Scotland Yard detective, you will delve into the world of crime as you rush around the streets uncovering clues and evidence to forensically analyse later, meet up with surveillance-conscious police informants and even constructing photofits using FBI software that’s used to solve real world crimes on a daily basis. Not only will you be impressed by the level of detail in this workshop, but it gives every participant the chance to work on their own soft skills like problem solving and communication, all while having the room to be creative in their approach to the task.

What’s Included

  • Immerse your team into the life of a police detective for 3 hours
  • Challenge your team with a crime case that needs solving
  • Use modern forensic techniques and FBI software
  • Gets the team out and exploring the city centre location
  • Hunt down clues, meet up with a police informer and decipher clues to crack the case
  • Promotes beneficial skills such as leadership, problem solving, collaboration and more
  • Suitable for groups of 5 or more participants
  • Can travel to your venue


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