The Best Christmas Office Jumpers

Office Christmas Jumpers

Whether you’re in the office or remote working, get in the festive spirit with a cosy Christmas jumper.

Why are Christmas Jumpers a thing?

It’s a huge part of most people’s festive season, but not many know about the origins of this annual tradition. It’s said that the first Christmas jumpers originated in Iceland and Scandinavia. Two areas of the world where fishing is a huge industry, it’s no secret that both Iceland and Scandinavia are some of the coldest places to live on earth!

During the 19th century, these heavy-knitted jumpers were made to keep fishermen warm during the cold and dark winter months. They also featured geometric designs to help distinguish fishermen from different communities, which is why we so often see Christmas jumpers with crazy designs!

When can you Start Wearing Christmas Jumpers?

An age-old question we all ask ourselves each year, the best time to start sporting your awesome Christmas jumper is up to you, but most people tend to dig out their festive outfits around the beginning of December.

After all, it can be awkward turning up to your workplace and being the only person wearing one! This is why we suggest arranging a set date for your Christmas Jumper Day, which you can read more about below.

When is Christmas Jumper Day 2024?

This year, Christmas Jumper Day falls on the 12th of December. In the UK, children, parents and teachers are encouraged to turn up to school/work wearing their epic Christmas jumpers and a £1 or £2 donation that often go towards charities like Save the Children.

In fact, the charity has partnered with JustGiving to help people organise their Christmas Jumper Day. You can find out more information about this here.

Where Can I Wear My Christmas Jumper?

You can wear it anywhere and everywhere – and that includes on an office Zoom call… maybe even during one of our virtual Christmas party events! It’s easy-peasy to schedule a day when all the team piles onto a call with their Christmas attire on, even if that means jumper on top and Xmas pyjamas on the bottom.

You can dig out your trusty knitwear and wear it around the house or buy a shiny new number to wear for a festive meal. If you’re in the office, make an effort with your jumper for a great photo op to end this rollercoaster year.

Our 2023 Christmas Brochure has more festive places you can wear your seasonal threads - See here!

Office Christmas Jumpers

What are the Best Novelty Christmas Jumpers?

Novelty Xmas jumpers are probably the most popular category, especially when it comes to versatility. You can wear a classic jumper around family, friends, in public and in the office.

They’re usually on the top end of the cosy scale and come in all colours and styles! Some of the best places in the UK to buy Christmas jumpers include Marks & Spencer, Primark and NEXT to name but a few! Of course, you can find a host of weird and wonderful office Christmas jumpers on e-commerce sites like Amazon too.

Here is a list of what we think are the best Christmas Jumpers for adults to buy for 2024

Best overall Christmas Jumper - Superdry Fair Isle Crew Neck Jumper, Navy/Multi jumper:

Best Christmas Jumper on a Budget - BoohooMAN Reindeer Santa Hat Jumper:

Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Jumper - The Nordic Fairisle Children's Eco Christmas Jumper (Red): britis­hchris­tmas­jumpers.­com

Best matching set Christmas Jumper - Santa and Elf Twin Christmas Jumper: merryc­hri­stmas­jumpers.­co.­uk

Best Mens Christmas jumper - Elf & Safety Christmas Jumper:

Best Womens Christmas Jumper - Gingerbread Christmas Jumper:

Best Funny Christmas Jumper - North Pole "Pole Dancer" Reindeer Jumper:

Best classic Christmas Jumper - Women's Happy Reindeer Christmas Jumper:

Best Christmas Jumpers for Parties - Petite Sequin Bow Christmas Jumper:

Best Christmas Jumpers for Dog-Lovers - Ladies "Secret Santa" Dog Christmas Jumper:

Best Christmas Jumpers for Cat-Lovers - "Meowy Christmas" Cat Jumper:

Best Christmas Jumpers for Sci-Fi Fans - Dalek Snowman Christmas Jumper:

Best Christmas Jumpers for Wine-Lovers - Blue Vanilla Christmas Wine Glasses Jumper:

1. Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Especially good for an ugly jumper competition, this option is great for a laugh. Push your pride aside and make things interesting on your work's Christmas Jumper Day - One way you could do this is by asking everyone to bring in a small contribution for a prize pot (£1/£2/£5 will do it, depending on how many people are taking part).

Then, elect an individual or a panel to judge each jumper based on their pure wackiness! You could then announce the winner at the end of the day who'll then get to take home the prize pot as a little Christmas bonus!

2. Outrageous Christmas Jumpers

Make sure you’re the bell of your festive ball with an outrageous Christmas jumper that'll make you stand out from the crowd!

Whether you're a hardcore Christmas lover or you simply just want to "wow" everyone at work with your weird dress sense, outrageous Christmas jumpers are probably some of the easiest to shop for as you can find them in brick-and-mortar stores as well as countless online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and a whole lot more.

They also don't cost a ridiculous amount of money either in comparison to regular xmas jumpers!

3. Cute Christmas Jumpers

Cute jumpers are the category for the more fashionable fellows amongst us. If you like to look stylish, a cute and subtle nod to the joyous time of year might more up your street.

Once you find your spirit jumper you’ll be throwing it into your shopping basket before you can say eggnog, we can be sure of it!

4. Matching Christmas Jumpers

If you’ve got a work best pal, a matching number is a great shout for a cute and quirky look. Think mince pies, puddings or the classic "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" - Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure that your work bestie is on-board with it!

If you're hosting a jumper competition on the day too, you've just doubled your chances of winning too! (sort of).

5. Funny Xmas Jumpers

We all deserve a laugh, especially after the multiple lockdowns the whole of the UK has had to endure the past couple of years.

Opting for an hilarious office Christmas jumper for work will be sure to bring some festive cheer back to the workplace.

6. Themed Christmas Jumpers

Themed Christmas jumpers are a cracking way to show a bit of your personality while keeping with the festivities.Of course, everyone loves the classics like Will Ferrel and Arnie-themed Christmas jumpers, but we're sure that you'll find one that features your favourite film, TV show or video game.

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