Using other Platforms than Zoom

We highly recommend using Zoom for your virtual team activities as the functionality it offers is currently better than MS Teams, Webex and other platforms.

If you wish to use alternative video conferencing software for break out rooms then we are relying on your expertise to ensure that the event is setup correctly.  However we have put some guidance below but check with your IT team as software companies are always re-developing.

Guide on using other Platforms

MS Teams Instructions

Please could you set up one main meeting for everyone to join at the start time. This will need the chat function and screen share enabled as our presenter will be running through a quick briefing. They will be joining your meeting 10 minutes prior to the start time of this event.

Additionally each team will need to be pre-allocated and one separate meeting link will need to be created per team. All players will be joining their individual team meetings after the briefing. Please can you make sure that teams/meetings are being labelled Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 etc as this matches the layout of the game play when players first join via the app. 

We are also aware of the new inbuilt breakout room feature, which is now available on MS teams.

Read how to use the latest breakout rooms feature on MS Team here

We have seen how this works on a few occasions but while this still seems a bit clunky we would really have to rely on your expertise, should you decide to use MS Teams.

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