Taming the Throne Team Building in Bristol

Taming Of The Throne
  • Taming Of The Throne
  • Taming Of The Throne Activity
  • Taming Of The Throne Challenge
  • Taming Of The Throne Event
  • Taming Of The Throne Experience

Activity Details

  • Medieval games
  • Become champions
  • Costumes included
  • Compete for the throne

What’s Included with Taming the Throne Team Building in Bristol?

With Taming of the Throne team building in Bristol, participants have the chance to show off and develop their physical abilities and soft skills by competing in a host of medieval-themed games and activities! Taking inspiration from the popular international TV series, this experience sees participants split up into smaller groups of 4-6 people to battle it out in games such as archery, axe throwing, jousting, trebuchet building and more in a bid to win as many points as possible. With a giant castle to storm at the end of the activity, who will successfully claim it for themselves, take control of the Iron Throne and be crowned the new kings and queens of Westeros?

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What’s Included

  • Compete in challenges inspired by the trials in Westeros on Games of Thrones!
  • Both collaborative and competitive tasks
  • Enthusiastic event host
  • Split into groups
  • Games – archery, jousting, trebuchet building, building a suit of armour blindfolded, storming our giant medieval castle
  • Costumed hosts
  • Props, costumes and safety equipment
  • PA system and projector
  • Medal ceremony to finish
  • Set up beforehand


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