Superhero Challenge Team Building in Sheffield

Superhero Challenge Team Building
  • Superhero Challenge Team Building
  • Superhero Challenge Team Building Activity
  • Superhero Challenge Team Building Day
  • Superhero Challenge Team Building Event
  • Superhero Challenge Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Superhero’s are winners!
  • Variety of challenges
  • Physical, mental and skill challenges
  • Superhero assault course finale

Put yourselves in the shoes of superheroes for the day with the wacky and energetic superhero challenge team building in Sheffield. A completely unique experience that will have the entire workplace engaged and having a great laugh from start to finish, this workshop consists of a host of physical, mental and skill-based challenges that must be completed successfully in order to win “energy bars”. Each smaller crew will compete for energy bars throughout the day, which will then be converted into points and totalled up at the end. The two crews with the most points earned by the end of the day will then go up against each other in the inflatable assault course finale to determine the winners!

What’s Included

  • Full briefing and safety information on how the event works
  • Spilt into teams and head off to your first challenge
  • Battle head to head against another team to win energy bars
  • After completing all the challenges, the two teams with the most energy bars battle head to head on the superhero assault course to determine the winner
  • Challenges last appro­ximately 20mins and include a variety of inflatable, costume, skill and intelligence games
  • Fully event managed


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