Steak & Strip Stag Do in Bratislava

Steak & Strip
  • Steak & Strip
  • Steak & Strip Activity
  • Steak & Strip Event
  • Steak & Strip Experience
  • Steak & Strip Party
  • £61.00

Activity Details

  • Meat, beer & girls
  • Classic stag night combo
  • Strip show
  • Juicy steak dinner

Everyone loves to indulge on a juicy steak, but what’s better than a classic steak dinner? The Steak and Strip stag do in Bratislava! This meal will treat your group to a traditional steak and chips meal, lining their stomachs for any of the antics to come. While you’re enjoying your food, plus 2 beers per person, your eyes will get a filling as well as your bellies. This juicy meal comes with a sexy strip show as entertainment with the dining experience, with a sexy European stripper giving a show for up to 3 songs. Centrally located and fully organised, this meal is a great addition to any laddish weekend.

What’s Included

  • Steak & chips meal each
  • Female stripper performs for 3 songs
  • 2 beers each
  • Centrally located
  • English speaking guide


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