Best Bars in Prague

Best Bars in Prague

Prague is extremely well known for its amazing nightlife so it would be rude not to explore some of their bars during your time here.

This capital has become an extremely popular place to visit for a number of reasons, the sights, the food and of course the nightlife. As you make your way around the city centre there will be an abundance of incredible bars that you and your group will want to explore. From trendy cocktail bars to secret and unusual hideaways. Whatever type of evening or night out you are after you will be able to have some fun with some of these bars in Prague.

Best Bars in Prague - Joystick

1. Joystick

First up is the type of bar that dreams were made of. Just like an arcade when you were a child. Head inside of Joystick, enjoy some drinks and get involved in some epic arcade games. Inside there are some delicious cold beers on offer and an unbeatable collection of arcade games like Blazing Star, Pump It Up FX, Street Fighter 2, Terminator 2. As well as 10 different pinball machines and more, it’s definitely something that all of your group will love.

📌 Jindřišská 5 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Black Angel's Bar

2. Black Angel's Bar

This 1930’s style bar is extremely popular if you want to meet ith friends and enjoy a drink or two. Black Angel’s Bar is made to look like the times where alcohol was forbidden as well as having a menu that is based on the 20th century legend Alois Krcha. The décor is dark but the atmosphere is intriguing and welcoming. You will be sure to have a memorable experience when you head to the Black Angel’s Bar. Check out the best bars in Amsterdam.

📌 Staroměstské nám. 29 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Anonymous Bar

3. Anonymous Bar

Anonymous Bar is a bar that takes 3 souls and puts them into one venue, Guy Fawkes from 1605 and the Gunpowder Plot, the man called V from V for Vendetta and the masks that everyone wears as a tradition to uncover the hidden truth of the 3rd soul. If you are after a unique experience with some good drinks and skilled bartenders, then the Anonymous Bar is definitely the place to go. There is a never ending list of drinks for you to choose from you will be spoilt for choice!

📌 Jungmannova 23/11 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Aloha

4. Aloha

Whether you want to come for some food and a few cocktails or this is the place you want to dance the night away in. Aloha is a Hawaiian Tiki themed bar that has the style from the 1930s-1960s. With a wooden interior and exotic cocktails, you will be spoilt for choice on what to drink throughout your time in this unique bar. There is also a dance floor with a DJ playing most nights of the week along with dancers, fire breathers and more! Have a look through the amazing hotels in Prague to book for your weekend.

📌 Dušní 8/11 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Nightmare Prague Horror Bar

5. Nightmare Prague Horror Bar

If you love yourself a good horror film then you with love the Nightmare Prague Horror Bar. Inside there will be a variety of different aspects of different horror films that have been used as inspiration. From all the drinks to the décor of the bar, it’s a great place to head if you are wanting to experience something a little bit more unique. You can enjoy some drinks and some food in this bar so it’s a great way to start the night.

📌 Újezd 598/5 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - The Dubliner

6. The Dubliner

An Irish pub in another country is like a home away from home right? This Irish pub is only 100 metres away from Prague’s Old Town Square and is a great bar to head to if you want to enjoy 4 things. Good food, good drinks, good sports and good music. Whether there is a football game you want to watch or some live music from an Irish band. You will be spoilt for choice on the ways you can enjoy your time in The Dubliner.

📌 Týn 639/1 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Bar Cobra

7. Bar Cobra

Bar Cobra is an extremely stylish and upcoming bar in Prague city centre. If you head here you can enjoy anything from some delicious food, amazingly crafted drinks and even some music played by the DJ’s. It has an incredible atmosphere and you and your group will love heading here during your exciting night out in Prague. You will find all throughout the week this place is buzzing and full of tourists and locals alike.

📌 M. Horákové 688/8 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - BeerGeek Bar

8. BeerGeek Bar

Do you love your beer as much as the next guy? If so, then BeerGeek Bar is the place to be. They have 32 different beeps and they craft beers from their microbreweries. If your aim is to try as many beers as you possibly can then you will love it here. BeerGeek keep finding more and more unique beers from all over and you will probably only find some of them here. To put this into perspective they have over 500 different bottled beers.

📌 Vinohradská 988/62 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Hangar Bar

9. Hangar Bar

If you want a bar that has a theme and atmosphere of the 1940s-1960s aviation, then the Hangar Bar will be perfect for you and your group. You can come here and enjoy a relaxed catch up with friends and some cocktails. Or opt for a wilder night out with the Hangar Club that is attached to the bar. It’s the perfect mixture of night outs that everyone will enjoy. And in a unique setting with décor that you won’t have seen anywhere else.

📌 Dušní 9/9 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Hemingway Bar

10. Hemingway Bar

A bar that is inspired by Ernest Hemingway, you will be able to head over and enjoy a variety of amazing old cocktail recipes. And there is an amazing atmosphere throughout this venue that everyone will enjoy. It’s the perfect place to start your night out with friends before you head to any of the clubs in Prague.

📌 Karoliny Světlé 26 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - The Banker's Bar

11. The Banker’s Bar

Another stylish bar in Prague that you and your group will have to experience is The Banker’s Bar. They say it’s the only bank that you’ll ever need and you will have to go there to see if it’s true. There are some amazing drink varieties available for you and your group to try out as well as an endless list of whisky and gin.

📌 Haštalská 1077/16 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Crazy Daisy

12. Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy is known for being an extremely unique cocktail bar right in the centre of Prague. There is an amazing atmosphere that goes throughout the whole venue. Inside there is a wide selection of spirits, wines, champagne and cocktails for you to choose from. And throughout the week there is music from the resident DJ with entertainment that is completely unique to any venue in Prague.

📌 Wenceslas Sq | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - The Londoners - Sports Bar

13. Londoners – Sports Bar

For some great sports and a place that you and your group can go together and catch up head to Londoners Sports Bar. Whatever live sports you want to watch this place will have it along with some good beer and a great variety of food if that’s what you are after. Londoners gives out the same atmosphere and vibe as you will find in the English capital.

📌 Štěpánská 650/23 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - The Alchemist

14. The Alchemist Bar

We love a bar with a theme, and this bar in Prague is home to a mysterious treasure chest buried deep by a centuries old alchemist. Order a drink and buy a round of tarot card reading to see if you can discover the secret of the alchemist. The bar decor is fully immersive, using dark moody lighting and plush fabrics to send you back in time.

📌 Provaznická 386 | Website »

Best Bars in Prague - Bar Bluelight

15. Bar Bluelight

Bar Bluelight is the ultimate unique experience that you and your group will love. With the décor inside like nothing you will have ever seen and some incredible drinks that you can choose from. If you are wanting somewhere that everyone will enjoy and something a little bit more unique then this is definitely the place to go.

📌 Josefská 42 | Website »

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