20 Best Bars in Edinburgh for Stag Dos

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Edinburgh is known as a great place to head to during your stag do, for its amazing activities and equally as amazing bars alone

We have done some research and narrowed it down to the 20 best bars in Edinburgh. Because let’s face it, you will be heading to a fair amount of bars and pubs during the weekend. So it is important to make sure you have got some good ones under your sleeve ready!

Panda and Sons - Best Bars in Edinburgh

1. Panda & Sons

Panda & Sons opened back in 2013 and still operates as a family-run business. This Edinburgh bar is the perfect place for all sorts of groups and they pride themselves in amazing drinks suitable for everyone.  The thing that makes this bar so different is that it sticks to the prohibition style speakeasy inside a Barbershop!

📌 79 Queen St » | Website »

The Dome - Best Bars in Edinburgh

2. The Dome

The Dome opened in 1996 and is in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

The Front Bar is the most recent addition to The Dome and it the perfect place to head for craft beer, draught beer and superb cocktails!

📌 14 George St » | Website »

The Devil's Advocate - Best Bars in Edinburgh

3. The Devil's Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate is a bar and restaurant that is in Edinburgh's Old Town.

Inside this old Victorian pump house you will find a huge list of cocktails, wines, beers and whiskeys. In fact, this bar holds a huge collection of Scottish and world whiskies for you and the lads to try.

📌 9 Advocate's Cl » | Website »

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The Bow - Best Bars in Edinburgh

4. The Bow Bar

The Bow Bar is a great bar to head to if you are after some whisky, there are over 200 different type of whiskies from all over the world.

They have an online list that is kept as up to date and as accurate as possible so you can have a browse through before you head there. And that’s the same for all their beers too!

📌 80 West Bow » | Website »

The Hanging Bat - Best Bars in Edinburgh

5. The Hanging Bat

The Hanging Bat is a great bar to make your way to if your after some incredible beers behind the bar, some amazing food, and regular events throughout the whole year.

And the best thing about this bar is that there's an ever changing selection of beers from around the world.

📌 133 Lothian Rd » | Website »

Heads & Tales - Best Bars in Edinburgh

6. Heads & Tales Gin Bar

This bar isn’t very well known, therefore it's often referred to as "Edinburgh's best-kept secret" by those in the know!

They use the best beers, spirits and wines from all around. They also enjoy experimenting with gin so if you are after a relaxed, fun but cosy place to go with the lads this could be it.

📌 1A Rutland St » | Website »

The Voodoo Rooms - Best Bars in Edinburgh

7. The Voodoo Rooms

The Voodoo Rooms is in central Edinburgh that is known for their incredible cocktails and over the years they've won a number of awards. They have a team who have put together an incredible menu which resulted in these awards.

📌 19A W. Register St » | Website »

The Raging Bull - Best Bars in Edinburgh

8. The Raging Bull

If an espresso martini is your favourite cocktail, then The Raging Bull is where you need to do.

Famous all around Edinburgh for its incredible coffee cocktails. Enjoy an eccentric atmosphere with an amazing vibe and décor that all your group will love!

📌 161 Lothian Rd » | Website »

BrewDog Lothian Road - Best Bars in Edinburgh

9. BrewDog Edinburgh

Everybody knows what BrewDog is, whether you are from Edinburgh or not there is probably one in your local city.

It’s the best place to go if you want some amazing drinks, a great vibe and an all-round good night with the group. It’s also a great place to head if you are a large group.

📌 50 Lothian Rd » | Website »

Bar Soba - Best Bars in Edinburgh

10. Bar Soba

If you are after cocktails, street food and good music then Bar Soba is the place for you!

They have all the classic cocktails you could ever want with their own unique twist along with the best street food, it’s the perfect way to start a night out if you ask us!

📌 104 Hanover St » | Website »

Best Beer Gardens in Edinburgh

During the summer months beer gardens are the perfect addition to your day drinking sesh with friends. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun and enjoying a pint or two...or three. Below you will find some amazing options when it comes to the best beer gardens in Edinburgh

Rose Street Garden | 14 George Street

Indigo Yard | 7 Charlotte Lane

The Three Sisters | 139 Cowgate

Cold Town House | 4 Grassmarket

The Pear Tree | 38 W Nicolson Street

The Blackbird | 37-39 Leven Street

Cold Town House - Best Bars in Edinburgh

11. Cold Town House

Cold Town House can provide you with pizza, prosecco and craft beer, what more could you want?

With a roof terrace, pizza and prosecco bar and even their own brew house you will find so much to do during your visit to this incredible venue.

📌 4 Grassmarket » | Website »

OX184 - Best Bars in Edinburgh

12. OX184

This late night venue can provide you with everything you could need during your night out, whether that be an incredible steak or grill, some craft beer or some world whiskey!

Just up the road from BrewDog, you could tackle both of these amazing venues in one night.

📌 184-186 Cowgate » | Website »

Tonic - Best Bars in Edinburgh

13. Tonic Edinburgh

Tonic is the place to go if you are after award winning cocktails, and they have a lot to choose from.

Each year they have a different theme for their cocktail menus and this year its movies and TV shows. So whether you’re after a classy drink to start the night this is the place to be.

📌 34A North Castle St » | Website »

The Royal Dick - Best Bars in Edinburgh

14. The Royal Dick

Once known for being a small animal hospital is now an incredible place to go for a drink.

With a brewery and Gin distillery on site you will be able to enjoy all the best and finest drinks in a bar like no other in the whole of Edinburgh.

📌 1 Summerhall » | Website »

Paradise Palms - Best Bars in Edinburgh

15. Paradise Palms

Known for its award winning vegetarian food and local and international beer. 

You will be able to head here if you are wanting amazing music, quality drinks and amazing food. Every Friday and Saturday night there are DJs and entertainment too!

📌 41 Lothian St » | Website »

Juniper - Best Bars in Edinburgh

16. Juniper Edinburgh

If you want a drink and a view then Juniper is the place to go, a sleek and chic vibe that will impress anyone and everyone who visits whether you are a local or not. Perfect for celebration a birthday or occasion and enjoying an after work drink alike.

📌 20 Princes St » | Website »

Cameo Cinema - Best Bars in Edinburgh

17. Cameo Cinema

The perfect hangout for people who love a good movie, whether you are going to watch a film or not you will be able to enjoy a large variety of lagers, whiskies, wines and more.

And if you are fancying a film, this cinema is a fully licensed bar so you can take your drinks in with you.

📌 38 Home St » | Website »

Bullard & Worth - Best Bars in Edinburgh

18. Bryant & Mack

Is that an out-of-business detective agency or is it Bryant & Mack? The only way you can find out is by stepping inside.

Once you’ve figured that out you will be able to enjoy some amazing cocktails with expert and attentive staff to go with.

📌 89 Rose St » | Website »

Bramble Bar & Lounge - Best Bars in Edinburgh

19. Bramble Bar & Lounge

This upscale cocktail bar can provide you and your group with some amazing classic and new concoctions.

Whether you want somewhere a little more relaxed and understated in some ways, then the Bramble Bar & Lounge will be perfect!

📌 16A Queen St » | Website »

The Last Word Saloon - Best Bars in Edinburgh

20. The Last Word Saloon

A cosy, low lit bar that is perfect if you are after a cocktail, whiskey or anything in between.

Come here to start your night and enjoy a relaxed and cosy environment for you and your group to enjoy. It’s a place that everyone who visits, loves.

📌 44 St. Stephan St » | Website »

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