Qubed Team Building in Watford

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Activity Details

  • Escape the cube
  • Series of challenges
  • Game show host
  • Prize for the winners

What can we Expect from Qubed Team Building in Watford?

If you're on the lookout for an exhilarating group bonding experience, the Qubed Team Building event in Watford is an absolute blast! Step into a massive qube and go head-to-head with other groups in a wide range of thrilling activities. With your very own game show host leading the way, you'll feel like a superstar! The event guarantees top-notch equipment, electrifying music, and dazzling lighting for a truly unforgettable time. Work together with your group to rack up points and strive for victory with shiny medals and exciting prizes!

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What’s Included

  • A challenge for many skills inspired by popular TV
  • Game show style host
  • The Qube, equipment, lighting and music provided
  • Work in groups to earn points
  • Pass different stages and advance inside the Qube
  • Medals and prize for the winners
  • Once you’ve lost all your lives, you’re out!


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