Quads & Off Road Buggies Stag Party in Bournemouth

By booking both the quad biking & off road buggies in Bournemouth for a stag do together you'll benefit from superb value as well as a great planned.

This Stag Do Bundle includes:

  • Quad Biking 
  • Off Road Buggies


Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking
  • Quad Biking Action
  • Quad Biking Activity
  • Quad Biking Event
  • Quad Biking Experience

Quad Biking

  • Put your helmets and safety gear on
  • Demonstration and safety briefing
  • We can run up to 12 bikes on this track at any one time
  • Practice some quad skills and then follow and lead safari route
  • Negotiating different zig zags and slaloms
  • A minimum of 20 minutes of driving time each
  • Yamaha kodiak 450cc fully automatic quad bikes (subject to change)
  • Standard policy is half the number of quads per group size, e.g. 5 bikes for 10 people, 6 bikes for 12 people, 12 bikes for 24 people.
  • Upgrade to 30 minutes driving time each for an extra £12pp


  • Drive powerful quads
  • Professional instructors
  • Off road experience
  • One of the best driving days
Off Road Buggies
  • Off Road Buggies
  • Off Road Buggies Event
  • Off Road Buggies Party

Off Road Buggies

  • Receive a safety briefing
  • Followed by a demonstration
  • Depending on group size - 2 rage buggies (630cc engine) on the track
  • The 2 buggy course is around 400m long
  • 10 minutes on track driving time each
  • Then it’s time to get racing
  • No overtaking policy
  • Practice and timed competition
  • No driving license is required but drivers must be 18 and over
  • Upgrade to 15 minutes track time for an extra £12pp


  • Powerful rage buggies
  • Adrenaline driving
  • 630cc engines
  • Professional instructors


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