Old School Sports Day Hen Party in Belfast

Hen Party Old School Sports Day
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Activity Details

  • Retro fun games
  • Egg & spoon, sack race
  • Play in teams/ houses
  • Venue hire included

What Happens on a Belfast Old School Sports Day Hen Party?

Throw it back to your childhood with the old school sports day hen party in Belfast, it is a great way to get you and your girls up on your feet and moving around whilst creating some amazing memories together. You will be playing games like the egg and spoon race, space hoppers, sack race and other hilarious sports day games. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! So what are you waiting for? It is time to get your move on, literally and see if you have still got what it takes to claim first place and a prize!

What’s Included

  • Classic school sports day games
  • Event Co-ordinator to run the event on the day
  • Venue hire included
  • Play many sports day games
  • Mr and Mrs Quiz at half time
  • All sports day equipment included
  • Games could include space hoppers, the egg and spoon race, sack race etc.

What Games Could be Played During an Old School Sports Day?

Just like you remember it back in the day… this activity is packed full of only the best and most hilarious old school sports day games that each of you girls are going to love! Whether it’s testing your speed and stamina, hand-eye co-ordination or balance… there will be something for everyone included in this unique experience.

Egg & Spoon Race

Use your balancing skills whilst maintaining the fastest speed to pass the finish line with an unbroken egg! But if you drop it… hold still and start again!

Sack Race

Forget about running as you’ll be jumping in one of these large sacks to jump your way across the track towards victory!

Hula Hoops

Pass through the hula hoops as you race your opponents in this classic challenge with a funny twist!

Space Hoppers

Get yourselves on one of these hilariously retro toys and see who can bounce the longest (and fastest) in a classic race

Bean Bag on Head Race

Bringing together a combination of balance and speed, who will make it to first place position with their bean bag still on their head?

Wheelbarrow Race

Put your physical ability with your partner’s as you try to navigate your way towards the end of the track using your hands and feet!

3-Legged Race

Join legs with your partner and work together to pass by your opponents to take first place!

Relay Race

Work as a team as you carry, pass on and take the baton between each other around the track to the finish line.

Skipping Race

Rather than walking or running, take the middle ground and see which of you can skip your way to 1st place position

Who Can Participate in the Sports Days?

Even if sports really isn’t your thing, this extremely popular party activity can be enjoyed by groups of all ages, sizes and abilities! A well-thought out combination of friendly competition and lots of laughter, this experience will be sure to bring out the best in everybody that takes part and gives the group some time to have some light-hearted fun!


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