Old School Sports Day Hen Party in Bath

Hen Party Old School Sports Day
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  • Hen Party Old School Sports Day Weekend
  • £27.00

Activity Details

  • Retro fun games
  • Egg & spoon, sack race
  • Play in teams/ houses
  • Venue hire included

What Happens on a Bath Old School Sports Day Hen Party?

The old school sports day is a faultless addition to any hen party in Bath, as it guarantees you and the girls will be laughing all day long. This loveable throwback combines all the old school classic sports day games with hen party celeb­ra­tions. You’ll split into teams and compete against one another in races such as egg & spoon, sack race and space hoppers. All the equipment will provided for you, so all you have to do is concentrate on being in the victorious team so you win a prize!

What Games Could be Played During an Old School Sports Day?

If you decide to take the girls for an hilarious day of old school sports day games, you can guarantee that there will be a race or activity that everybody will remember and love from back in the day! This unique experience brings back all the best bits from your favourite day in school, whether it’s by testing your balance, speed or hand-eye co-ordination… your day is going to be packed full of fun things to do!

Egg & Spoon Race

Put your speed and hand-eye co-ordination to the test and see who can cross the finish line with their egg still safely balanced on their spoon!

Sack Race

You won’t be able to walk or run… so use your jumping abilities to pick up speed and race your way to victory

Hula Hoops

Push your concen­tra­tion skills as you pass through the hula hoops on your way to the finishing line

Space Hoppers

This classically retro toy is perfect for a race… so see how far and how fast you can bounce against your opponents in a classic race with an hilarious twist

Bean Bag on Head Race

See how well you can balance a bean bag on your head whilst gaining speed and beating your opponents to first place position!

Wheelbarrow Race

Work in pairs using both your hands and feet in this hilarious yet challenging race of skill!

3-Legged Race

If you thought the sack race was difficult… see how well you and your partner do with one of each of your legs tied together!

Relay Race

Put your efforts together and beat your opponents round the track whilst receiving, carrying and handing over a relay baton with your teammates

Skipping Race

Pick up the pace and see who crosses the finish line first… but remember, you can’t walk or run!

Who Can Participate in the Sports Days?

With a focus on fun and inclusivity above anything else, this exciting hen party activity is perfect to add on to any hen weekend, no matter what else you may have planned. Moreover, this is also an experience that all the girls will be able to get stuck into, as everyone is guaranteed to find a race or game that used to be their favourite! Even if you’re not an overly-sporty group, all hens can come and take part regardless of experience or ability.

What’s Included

  • Classic school sports day games
  • Event Co-ordinator to run the event on the day
  • Venue hire included
  • Play many sports day games
  • Mr and Mrs Quiz at half time
  • All sports day equipment included
  • Games could include space hoppers, the egg and spoon race, sack race etc.
  • Prize for the winning group


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