Nightclub Entry Hen Party in Nottingham

Nightclub Entry
  • Nightclub Entry
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Activity
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Event
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Experience
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Party
  • £5.00

Activity Details

  • Nightclub entry
  • Queue jumper, so no waiting
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Less hassle on the night

Is waiting in long queues something all too familiar to you and the girls? Fed up of scrounging change from your purse while intoxicated and finding out you’re 20p too short? Well no more we say, with the nightclub entry hen party in Nottingham! Instead of the usual waiting around in the cold and paying at the doors, you’ll be treated with an exclusive guest list of your own with VIP treatment at one of Nottingham’s most reputable drinking establishments. Classy. Simply arrive, be let in straight off the bat and don’t worry about a thing, head to the dance floor and get ready to boogie. It’s as simple as that, so why do anything else? It’s a no brainer really.

What’s Included

  • Nightclub entry
  • Entry before 11pm
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Queue jumper – no waiting around in the cold!
  • Less hassle on the night
  • Upgrades available, contact events managers for more details


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