Nightclub Entry Hen Party in Glasgow

Nightclub Entry
  • Nightclub Entry
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Activity
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Event
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Experience
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Party
  • £5.00

Activity Details

  • Nightclub entry
  • Queue jumper, so no waiting
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Less hassle on the night

If you’ve filled your boots for the day but can’t wait to party, then the nightclub entry hen party in Glasgow will provide you with a VIP experience at one of the most popular clubs in Glasgow! No bride-to-be wants the hassle of fumbling around for the correct change on their last night of freedom nor queuing up for almost an hour in the cold. That’s why we offer the amazing nightclub entry hen party in Glasgow, so you don’t have to endure any of these problems. Skip the queues, pay no door fee, just simply leap into a night filled with laughs, drinks and boogie at one of the city’s greatest clubs.

What’s Included

  • Nightclub entry
  • Entry before 11pm
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Queue jumper – no waiting around in the cold!
  • Less hassle on the night
  • Upgrades available, contact events managers for more details


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