Nightclub Entry Hen Party in Brighton

Nightclub Entry
  • Nightclub Entry
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Activity
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Event
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Experience
  • Hen Do Nightclub Entry Party
  • £5.00

Activity Details

  • Nightclub entry
  • Queue jumper, so no waiting
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Less hassle on the night

Why spoil your weekend with waiting in long queues and fumbling around to get the exact change just to get into a mediocre club? You just wouldn’t want to, so choose our nightclub entry hen party in Brighton to make the girls a whole lot happier and make a whole lot more time to party. With all your names being written straight down onto your very own guest list, you can skip the queues, pay nothing on the night and enjoy more time to yourselves in one of Brighton’s most popular and colourful nightclubs. Why make it worse for yourselves? Book a nightclub entry hen party in Brighton and have one of the best nights of your life.

What’s Included

  • Nightclub entry
  • Entry before 11pm
  • Nothing else to pay on the door
  • Queue jumper – no waiting around in the cold!
  • Less hassle on the night
  • Upgrades available, contact events managers for more details


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