Movie Madness Team Event in Harrogate

Movie Madness
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Activity Details

  • Create your own movie
  • Fun and engaging event
  • Encourages people to think outside the box
  • All equipment included

Both light-hearted and competitive, the movie madness team building in Harrogate is not just your traditional exercise. In this fully-organised workshop, each group will be given the scrip of a famous movie scene to learn and act out. All the props, notes and camera equipment will be provided so all you need to worry about is getting the perfect shot in just one take. Which group will have the best acting skills and win the day in the judges eyes?

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What’s Included

  • Event Manager will introduce the flow of the day
  • Working in teams
  • Each team will receive a camera, tripod, props, make up, directors notes, camera notes, prop and makeup notes, cast list and a film script
  • Each team will need to assign a director, a camera person, props department, wardrobe department, film star and extras
  • There will be several scenes that need to be reproduced by the teams in their own unique way
  • All the scenes will be from a popular film, and will then be put together to produce an original version of a well-known movie
  • The directors and camera people from each team will be briefed by instructors on how long the film must last, when the film must be finished by and tips on noise control and lighting
  • All scenes must be filmed in one take, rewinding the camera is forbidden and will result in negative scoring!
  • Throughout the event, the host and event staff will be observing each team which could result in a change to each team’s final score
  • Fully event managed


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