Looking After Your Mental Health Whilst Working from Home

Looking After Your Mental Health Whilst Working from Home

The pandemic has forced a lot more people into remote working, and for better or worse this has changed our working lives.

Because we spend over a third of our lives in work, it’s important to make sure you’re checking in on yourself mentally. This is why looking after your mental health whilst working from home is important for more aspects than just your produc­tivity. Even if you enjoy the switch to remote working for the most part, we’ve got some tips and adaptions that may help you during and after the coronavirus outbreak.

A New Routine

It’s common knowledge that our brains don’t particularly like change initially, and most people’s mental health will thrive under a routine. Once you switch to working from home it’s important to establish a new routine, and here are a few key factors to focus on.

Designated Workspace

Create yourself one place where you set up to work, whether that be a separate office or even just a foldaway table with your laptop. This will really help you shift in and out of work mode. Preventing you from overlapping work and personal time and in turn feeling stressed, as if you can’t switch off.

Regular Breaks

Working from home doesn’t mean you should start eating, reading and socialising at your workspace. Make sure you have a clear start time with chosen breaks such as a lunch break. We highly suggest on your lunch break you come away from your computer/­laptop. This will train your brain just like regular work, plus it gives your eyes a much-needed break from screen time.

To Do Lists

If your manager hasn’t set you specific tasks, do it yourself! A decisive to do list will help you manage your time better. This in turn will set out your workday and decrease the chance of working passed the end of your work day.

Socialise with Your Co-workers

Don’t forget that although you are physically working alone, you are not mentally going through this strange transition by yourself. Reach out to your colleagues who are having the same experience as you. This will open lines of commu­nica­tion and may even make them feel more positive as well as yourself. Drop them a message or maybe even organise an after-work conference call to chat informally – like a virtual after-work drink.

The Virtual Social event is a more structured way to have some fun with your colleagues.

Let Your Employer Know

If you have pre-existing mental health conditions, your employer has a duty to make adjustments to the new way of working. This can include additional support, shorter working hours, specialist equipment etc. It is reasonable for your employer to expect some disruption when it comes to their employees usual produc­tivity. Remember to have self-compassion and not be too hard on yourself if your work output isn’t the same as usual.

Need More Help?

We can provide virtual team events if you need to boost morale or make your remote workers feel a little less isolated. Alter­natively, see our socially distanced activities for a safe, face-to-face interaction.

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