Masterpiece Challenge Team Building in Chester

Masterpiece Challenge Team Building
  • Masterpiece Challenge Team Building
  • Masterpiece Challenge Team Building Activity
  • Masterpiece Challenge Team Event
  • Masterpiece Challenge Team Away Day
  • Masterpiece Challenge Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Commu­nica­tion is key
  • Paint & create a collage
  • Fully inclusive activity
  • Fantastic indoor activity

Give your colleagues something to get excited about by switching up your next activities day with an afternoon of masterpiece challenge team building in Chester. A great way to encourage your co-workers to let out their creative side whilst building on their teamwork and commu­nica­tion skills, the day will start out with the room being split into smaller groups before assigning sections of a large painting to each group. With only a few people from each group being allowed to see the full painting, they must relay what they see back to their group members for them to re-create and confer with other groups to make sure each of the sections fit together properly.

What’s Included

  • Start with a briefing as to how the day will run
  • We will start the event by splitting you into separate teams, some of the team will then be shown the large picture they need to recreate
  • Each team will be given several sections to paint, however not all the team members can see the picture meaning commu­nica­tion is key
  • You must also discuss how each section fits with the ones next to yours to recreate the painting as a whole
  • Each team must succeed for the whole group to complete the task
  • Encourages colla­bora­tion, commu­nica­tion and teamwork within the group
  • Each group approaches the task differently, so the outcome will be unique to your team
  • Fully managed event


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