Masterpiece Challenge Team Event in Bath

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Activity Details

  • Communication is key
  • Paint & create a collage
  • Fully inclusive activity
  • Fantastic indoor activity

Take on a whole new challenge with your colleagues as you get creative with the Masterpiece Challenge team building in Bath. Fully inclusive and suitable for workforces of all ages and abilities, this unique workshop will kick off as the room splits into smaller groups. From there, each group will be assigned a section of a large painting to re-create, except that only a few people will get to see the entire thing! Using excellent communication to describe what to paint, groups must confer with their own members and other groups to make sure that each section links together correctly. With everyone working towards one common goal, this is also a brilliant way to improve your workforces overall collaboration skills as well as on an individual basis.

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What’s Included

  • Start with a briefing as to how the day will run
  • We will start the event by splitting you into separate teams, some of the team will then be shown the large picture they need to recreate
  • Each team will be given several sections to paint, however not all the team members can see the picture meaning communication is key
  • You must also discuss how each section fits with the ones next to yours to recreate the painting as a whole
  • Each team must succeed for the whole group to complete the task
  • Encourages collaboration, communication and teamwork within the group
  • Each group approaches the task differently, so the outcome will be unique to your team
  • Fully managed event


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