Master of the Tasks Team Building in Cardiff

Master of the Tasks
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Activity Details

  • TV show challenges
  • Hilarious game material
  • Tasks per group
  • Prize for the winners

What to Expect from your Master of the Tasks Team Away Day?

With master of the tasks team building in Cardiff, everyone taking part will have the chance to explore their creative side whilst working on a host of soft skills like communication and problem-solving. With a comedic host to lead the session, they will deliver a short briefing on how the day will run before splitting the room up into smaller teams. Then, it will be time to open up the first task envelope, revealing either a “Practice” or “Live” challenge, meaning that teams will either have around 10 minutes to prepare or must tackle the task on-the-spot. With around 25 tasks to take on, who will be crowned the masters of the tasks by the end of the event?

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What’s Included

  • A light-hearted event inspired by British TV shows
  • Themed games and props
  • Enthusiastic taskmaster to host
  • Funny tasks that require working together
  • Over 25 games to choose from
  • Visuals, music and game material included
  • Set up on the day
  • Medals and prize for the winners


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