Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up Stag Do in Bath

Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up
  • £22.50

Activity Details

  • Ultimate stag prank
  • Stag poses as nude model
  • Venue & tutor included
  • Plus drawing materials

What do you do on a Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up Stag Do in Bath?

Bring an hilarious twist to the pre-wedding antics by tricking the groom-to-be with a totally random life drawing stag stitch-up stag do in Bath. Pranking him where he’ll least expect it, the groom-to-be will soon find out that he will be the one nude modelling for the group during your class! He will then need to get all of his kit off and pose for you all to draw him. Even if he’s not known for being shy, everybody is going to find this experience absolutely side-splitting!

What’s Included

  • Stitch up the stag with this hilarious prank
  • A fun life class with a twist
  • The stag is the nude life model!
  • He’ll have to get undressed and pose in several figure drawing positions
  • The drawing tutor will advise on poses and drawing techniques
  • Centre private venue hire included
  • Try to draw him the best you can
  • Bottle of wine or bubbly for the stag


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