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  • £39.00

Activity Details

  • Mini unique inflatable games
  • In depth points system
  • Hilarious and fun event
  • Competition between teams

What’s Included

  • Crazy inflatable games experience for all
  • Events co-ordinators to run the whole day
  • Everyone will get to play all the wacky games
  • Totally inflatable and fun
  • Fun & friendly competition between teams
  • In depth points system to declare the winning team
  • Around 2 hours
  • Wear old, loose clothing, socks & trainers. Fancy dress is more than welcome!

Want to celebrate your birthday in style this year? Why not have a totally crazy day with your friends in the Hull inflatable games birthday party. Enjoy 4 wacky games in a 2-hour session full of bouncing, running, kicking and jumping – all to try and win at the end of the day. Whether you’re a huge group or quite small, the crazy inflatable games are the perfect way to really celebrate your birthday, especially if it’s a big one!

All of the games include huge inflatable courses with different obstacles, team challenges and chances to score points – we especially like the Foot Darts. When you’re not running to the next point to try and beat the other teams, make sure to cheer on your teammates as they take on each challenge. If you’re looking for a birthday afternoon that everyone can get stuck into, the Hull Inflatable Games birthday party is perfect.

During the games, all the teams will continue rotating round the various game stations for a jam packed day of wacky activities. The inflatable games include:

Giant Sports Day – Get ready to work as a team as you climb aboard the Giant Sausage and race to the finish line for the first section. Then, grab your giant egg and spoon and try your best not to drop it before crawling under a net and sprinting to the giant archery target inflatable. Once you’ve fired your best shots, run back and pick your egg and spoon up to slalom back to your team mate and pass it to them! Once each member has had a go at the course, the whole team jumps back onto the giant sausage to shimmy their way to the finish.

Tubes-A-Basket – Kick off this game by jumping into the Giant Caterpillar with your team and moving to Point A. The first person then gets on a bunny hopper and bounces their way to the Giant Tubes. Then, try your best to navigate through the tube and to the Basket Ball Inflatable. Take your best shot at the basket before running back to the bunny hopper, bouncing your way back and climbing into the Giant Caterpillar with your team to travel back to the start.

Bungee Spider Web & Foot Darts – The first member of your team will pull on a giant sumo suit and dribble a Velcro ball over to the Spider Web Inflatable. Then, ball in hand, try your best to navigate through the spider web bungee elastics and to the other side in your giant suit. Then dash to the Foot Dart Board, lay down the ball and take your best shot before tackling the Spider Web Inflatable once more and giving your sumo suit to the next person.

Dizzy Assault Course – Maybe the most challenging, the dizzy assault course will start with the whole team jumping into a giant sack and bouncing their way to Point A. When there, the first player will throw on a pair of crazy vision goggles and run through the slalom course to pick up a giant puzzle cube, then run straight pack to Point A to pass over the crazy goggles. Each member of the team will get a go until all the puzzle cubes are gathered so the whole team can complete the puzzle!


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