Hostage Kidnap Team Event Activity in Cheltenham

Hostage Kidnap
  • Hostage Kidnap
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Activity
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Event
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Rescue your kidnapped CEO
  • Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Surveillance & negotiating
  • Meet up with informants

Step out of the normal workplace routine and into the role of a Scotland Yard detective as you dive into the intense and thrilling Hostage Kidnap team building activity in Cheltenham. Surveillance of suspects, negotiating and meeting up with police informants are all key special skills you and your colleagues will learn along the way in order to finish this challenge successfully. Participants will also get a chance to see how modern forensic techniques are used to expose culprits in a workshop led by an ex-detective where you will use magnetic dust to draw fingerprints from surfaces plus much more. Not only that, but your teammates also have the chance to develop personal skills like leadership and quick decision making that are crucial to any workplace and make for a better and stronger group overall.

What’s Included

  • Challenge your team to rescue their kidnapped CEO within 3 hours
  • Learn surveillance and negotiation skills from Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Meet up with a police informer and extract information from them
  • Pay a cash ransom and track down the money
  • Examine items and decipher clues
  • This activity is suitable for 20 to 150+ participants
  • Promotes beneficial skills such as communication and leadership
  • Will travel to your venue
  • The winning team will receive prizes at the end of the activity


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