The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

The Best 7 Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

Whether you’ve taken the vegan leap or just want to cut down on meat, you’re in luck when in Amsterdam!

Like most major cities across the globe, the Netherlands capital has seen a huge rise in vegan-friendly places to eat. Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam are rife as well as places adding vegan/­vegetarian options to their menus too. You can find plenty of options around the city centre including different cuisines and even tasty vegan junk food in Amsterdam! To help you find the best places to visit, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you to refer to during your visit to the liberal city in Europe.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Vegan Junk Food Bar

1. Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar takes the number one spot on our list of best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam for two reasons. One, vegan junk food can be hard to come by – especially when it’s as good as this! And two, it’s one of the most popular places for vegan dishes with both locals and tourists. Vegan Junk Food Bar has taken an innovative approach to creating a completely unique menu fill of tasty surprises. Some of the most amazing options include their (blue) unicorn bread, colourful ‘chicken’ burgers and crazy ‘cheezecakes’.

Staringplein 22 | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Meatless District

2. Meatless District

Meatless District has created a relaxed lunch and dinner spaces for budding vegans to try out. Situated in the city centre, this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is a little higher class than the others on the list. If you’re on the hunt for a safe space to try vegan dishes that compromise on flavour, this is the place for you. Pop in for some bar snacks and cocktails or choose Meatless District for a memorable meal of fine dining!

Bilder­dij­kstraat 65-67 | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Hearth

3. Hearth

Hearth has been a popular vegan café way before the Veganuary trend even began. This restaurant takes int’s inspiration from the very essence of veganism – nature. Their restaurants house greenery, wooden serving boards and locally sourced ingredients to be kind to our planet. You can dine on their delicious dishes while not feeling guilty about your carbon footprint. The relaxed décor is paired with visionary food such as their popular ‘Rainbow Bread Dips’ and handmade Gnocchi.

Albert Cuypstraat 208 H | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Mr & Mrs Watson

4. Mr & Mrs Watson

Cosy and friendly, Mr & Mrs Watson made a name for itself as the connoisseur of vegan cheese. This restaurant was one of the first in Amsterdam to offer indulgent cashew brie and blue veined Roquefort to people dodging meat-based produce. Their little café transformed into a full-blown restaurant so you can browse the menu and pick your favourites. If you’re heading to the Netherlands on a trip, we highly suggest you treat yourself to their vegan fondue!

Linnaeuskade 3h | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Golden Temple

5. Golden Temple

If you’ve made the switch to permanent veganism, you might have missed the flavours of Asian cuisine whilst dining out. Lucky for you, The Golden Temple features strictly no meat, fish or eggs in any of their dishes. They’ll bring you top quality classics using veggies and fruits, grains and beans so you can have a guilt-free dining experience. One of a kind in Amsterdam, the higher price point is reflected in the beautifully decorated restaurant and freshly made food.

Utrechtsestraat 126 | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - Deer Mama

6. Deer Mama Vegan

If you’re after lunch on the go or just want a satisfying cheat meal, nothing satisfies that craving more than a good ol’ burger, right? Deer Mama Vegan, amongst other things, serves up a selection of wicked vegan burgers that are packed with fresh and moreish flavour. Treat yourself to one of the many delicious burgers on the menu, pair with some of her fiery sides and wash everything down with complete vegan shakes made in house. If you still have a bit of room, you can always try the venues fresh glazed donuts.

Ceintuurbaan 71 | Website

Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam - TerraZen Centre

7. TerraZen Centre

TerraZen Centre is last but by no means least on our list of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. 100% vegan, this venue combines both Japanese and Caribbean cuisine to bring you a unique palette of flavours using ingredients from organic farms. This little café nested in between shops features a small menu that really packs a punch. From Roti Wraps to full Vegan plates, noodles dishes and Jamaican specialities with a vegan twist. For something a little different in the capital, try TerraZen Centre.

Sint Jacobsstraat 19HS

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