The 16 Best Restaurants in Marbella

Best Restaurants in Marbella

While celebrating in the Spanish sun, make sure you eat well at the best places on the Southern Spanish coastline!

If you’re not familiar with Marbella yet, let us help you get to know the food scene so you can indulge when you’re not partying. Alongside the obvious tapas restaurants, the places to eat in Marbella are bursting with options. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a cheap bite to eat before a night in the bars, Marbella has something for everyone.

Best Restaurants in Marbella - La Bodega Del Mar

1. La Bodega del Mar

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, we highly suggest you go to La Bodega del Mar! This tapas restaurant provides all the flavours you need to experience proper Spanish cuisine. Situated right on the coast, this is a great place to take a group and share a variety of small dishes. Plus, the sangria at La Bodega del Mar is fantastic, so it’s a great venue for an afternoon meal and drinks.

📌 Av. Duque de Ahumada 13 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - La Sala

2. La Sala Marbella

It’s no secret that there’s two sides to Marbella – Puerto Banus and The Old Town. With that said, La Sala is one of the most popular restaurants in the party district of Puerto Banus. This eatery is a favourite with celebrities, especially the cast of TOWIE. Slightly more expensive, you’ll enjoy comfortable dining and an extensive menu including fresh seafood. The venue is also open until late making it one of the top restaurants in Marbella for late night dining.

📌 C. Juan Belmonte » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - La Bocana

3. La Bocana

For dinner with a view, you have to try La Bocana Grill also located in Puerto Banus. This restaurant is mainly seated outside with views out to sea while you fill your stomachs. They’re open from breakfast to late so you can enjoy their extensive menu whatever time of day. They pride themselves on catch of the day dishes, so if your group is seafood mad they’ll love La Bocana!

📌 Complejo Benabola » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - The Playwright

4. The Playwright

Although The Playwright is a little outside the centre of Marbella, it’s Mediterranean menu is definitely worth the journey. Moderately priced, the interior décor will make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury for the evening without the high prices. As well as a full fusion menu, you can enjoy live music events all year round if you check their calendar beforehand. Check out the best bars in Marbella during your weekend.

📌 191 Elviria » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Gourmet Burger Room

5. Gourmet Burger Room

The Old Town is the heart of Marbella, and right in the middle you’ll find the highly-rated Gourmet Burger Room. This modern-style hamburger restaurant is a great place to dine for lunch or if you need some home comforts. With a more relaxed atmosphere, you can find tons of juicy burger options as well as vegetarian choices available. Have a browse through some of the best clubs in Marbella.

📌 Av. Antonio Belón » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Buenos Aires Steak House

6. Buenos Aires Steak House

It wouldn’t be a list of top places to eat in Marbella without a cheeky steakhouse! If you’re a true meat-lover at heart, Buenos Aires steak house will look after your cravings. This classic steakhouse has a welcoming atmosphere and all the prime cuts of steak you know and love. The prices are high, but you can’t beat a superb steak paired with friendly staff.

📌 Calle Tetuán 5 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Restaurante Santiago

7. Restaurante Santiago

If you’re already visiting the Dali bronzes (which are worth a trip) we suggest you take advantage of Restaurante Santiago right around the corner. This particular eatery is raved about for it’s fresh seafood, of which you can eat while looking at the sea itself. As for the venue, once inside you’ll be surrounded by eye-catching décor including a full greenery ceiling.

📌 Av. Duque de Ahumada 5 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Sushi Ichiban

8. Sushi Ichiban

Marbella definitely doesn’t lack when it comes to different cuisines, and the popular Ichiban restaurant can vouch for that one. This central eatery is where you’ll find some of the best sushi around. Inside the vibrant Japanese restaurant you’ll find a jam-packed menu including sushi, hand rolls, salads and even the choice of teppanyaki.

📌 Av. Antonio Belón 22 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - The Harbour Bar & Restaurant

9. The Harbour Bar & Restaurant

The Harbour Bar & Restaurant is the perfect place to eat in Marbella if you want a full experience. As soon as you enter, this seaside venue will greet you with pink and white flowers floating above the tables. Once seated, take in the view of the harbour and all the yachts while you dine well. The menu is technically fine dining, with fresh seafood, raw meats and high-quality wines to choose from. The Harbour Bar & Restaurant is a great choice for a special occasion.

📌 Real Club Marítimo » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Paella's Y Mas

10. Paella’s Y Más

The clue’s in the name! Situated on the outskirts of Marbella’s Old Town, Paella Y Más is a super chilled restaurant with sleek and simple décor both inside and out. This venue takes all the classic flavours of Spanish tapas and reinvents them with bold and delicious dishes that will wow your company. Of course, the main event here is their different sharing paellas that definitely deserve a second visit.

📌 C. Hermanos Salom 3 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - El Patio de Mariscal

11. El Patio De Mariscal

While you’re exploring the Old Town, you might want to find somewhere that’s traditional for tapas. Although it’s small and therefore hard to miss, Bar Restaurante El Patio De Mariscal is well worth a visit. Aside from delicious tapas, paella and traditional carne dishes, the atmosphere here is something to write home about. The owner is known for his passion and friendly welcome, and most of the dining area is set over a vibrant, colourful patio area.

📌 C. Virgen de los Dolores 3 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Restaurante Carpaccio

12. Restaurante Carpaccio Banus

If Spanish tapas isn’t on the menu for you, why not try the Italian Restaurante Carpaccio? Puerto Banus is the area that boasts a variety of different cuisines for tourists, and this venue is tasty proof! Inside you’ll find traditional Italian décor and comfortable seating to help your dining experience. Above that, they serve fresh pastas and full-bodied red wines to tantalise your taste buds.

📌 Muelle Ribera J6 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Jacks Smokehouse

13. Jacks Smokehouse

Maybe one of the most highly rated restaurants in the Puerto Banus area is Jacks Smokehouse. The combination of home comforts, cheap eats and a friendly atmosphere makes it a popular place to dine! Eat inside immersed in a New York atmosphere or sit outside and look onto the marina. Jacks Smokehouse menu consists mainly of burgers, BBQ meats and even pizzas. This eatery is definitely a crowd pleaser!

📌 Muelle Ribera » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - La Taberna del Pintxo Banus

14. La Taberna del Pixto Banus

What makes La Taberna del Pixto Banus stand out from the crowd is the concept of how their food is served! Enjoy tasty tapas as it circulates around the room on trays, choosing any dishes that look delicious. Waiters will revolve around the restaurant with a huge variety of different tapas for you to try, and you only pay for the bowls you eat. La Tabern del Pixto Banus is a great place to try new foods and flavours.

📌 Comp. Marina Banús » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Pizzeria Picasso

15. Pizzeria Picasso

After a long day at Puerto Banus beach, why not full your bellies with delicious pizza at Pizzeria Picasso? There’s a reason this stripped back restaurant has thousands of 5-star reviews from tourists and locals alike. There no fuss venue focuses on all good food, using fresh ingredients to provide monster portions that will leave you feeling satisfied.

📌 C. Ribera 48/49 » | Website »

Best Restaurants in Marbella - Mumtaz

16. Mumtaz Marbella

Out of all the best places to eat in Marbella, there’s a different cuisine to cover everyone’s favourites. For example, Mumtaz is a delicious Indian restaurant on the seafront that boasts a huge selection of traditional dishes. From mild kormas to spicy vindaloos, you can eat in or out and enjoy this well-loved cuisine in the Spanish sun.

📌 Puerto José Banús » | Website »

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