The Ultimate Newcastle Diamond Strip Guide

Diamond Strip Pub Crawl

We present to you the shining star of Northern nightlife – the Diamond Strip Newcastle!

This hugely popular ‘strip’ is the busiest street in the city when nightfall hits and drinks start flowing. Not only is this the area with the most venues, it’s also got the best and most popular event with celebs. You might recognise some of this bars and nightclubs from scenes in Geordie Shore, but those drunken nights with the Geordie crew might not do the venues the justice they deserve. Expect young crowds, insta-worthy backdrops and bass-y music that all lead to an unforgettable night out (depending on how bad your hangover is, of course).

Diamond Strip Pub Crawl Map

1. Bijoux

Website | 36-38 Mosley St, NE1 1DF | Key Features; Happy Hour, DJ booth, Famous Faces

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Bijoux

First stop on our diamond strip map is the one and only Bijoux. Known to the locals as the ‘busiest little bar in Newcastle’, this place is packed every single weekend. Despite the size, the atmosphere pours out of this place on Mosley Street bringing in around 6,000 punters each weekend. Pretty impressive, right? They more often than not have raging DJ sets which have featured famous, international DJs in the past. If it’s good enough for the Geordie Shore lot, it’s good enough for us.

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2. Floritas

Website | 28-32 Collingwood St, NE1 1JF | Key Features; Secret Garden, Bongo Man, Tropical Theme

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Floritas

Step into a more tropical realm without having to pay for the flight in Floritas, another bar made famous by features on Geordie Shore. This Havana-inspired bar is renowned around the toon for fruity drinks that will knock you off your feet and the secret garden. The music features something different every evening from DJ sets to the much-loved ‘bongo man’. Famous faces like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have heard the word about Floritas and crossed the pond to try this quirky little club by the River Tyne.

3. Madame Koo

Website | 36 Collingwood St, NE1 1JF | Key Features; Two Bars, Outdoor Area, Fancy Dress Welcome

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Madame Koo

It wouldn’t be an official guide to the diamond strip Newcastle without the Queen of the Strip, Madame Koo. One of the longest serving venues in the city, you’ll find Madame Koo slap bang in the middle of the action. The venue oozes a sexy, sultry atmosphere with an underground bar and dark lighting. There’s a hidden dancefloor and Madame Koo is one of the only bars on the strip to welcome fancy dress – perfect for a hen party?

4. Tup Tup Palace

Website | 7 St Nicholas St, NE1 1RE | Key Features; Two Bars, Celeb Portfolio, Beer Garden

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Tup Tup Palace

Some partygoers love a bit of famous face trivia, and Tup Tup Palace is teeming with celeb royalty in it’s history. The huge nightclub on St Nicholas Street has catered for Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Cheryl Cole just to name a few. The multiple levels give the venue it’s palace vibe alongside indoor waterfalls and a Champagne snug. Could it get more exclusive up the Tyne? One more thing – Tup Tup Palace is the king of a themed evening. If you’re looking to dress up, keep an eye on their constant reel of sexy, fun themed nights throughout the year.

5. House of Smith

Website | 26 Collingwood St, NE1 1JF | Key Features; Beer Garden, Resident Saxophonist

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - House of Smith

Situated right next door to Madame Koo, House of Smith is a place of celebration and decadence. The dark, moody venue is a special place to spend the evening sipping on expensive drinks like you’re the Great Gatsby himself. The venue has a flare for the dramatic, with regular Saxophonist, aerial acrobats and burlesque performances sure to spice up your visit. Luxury, entertainment and tons of private booths for your comfort? We’ll meet you there.

6. Mimo

Website | 8 Pudding Chare, NE1 1UE | Key Features; 2-4-1 Zombie Deal, Tiki Theme

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Mimo

If you’re favourite liquor of choice is the same as a pirates, Mimo might be the best bar on the diamond strip in Newcastle. Rum is practically overflowing from the bar at Mimo, a tiki-themed bar that doesn’t deal in half measures. Dangerously, this venue is home to the 2-4-1 Zombies deal which you can enjoy in a tiny tropical paradise no matter the weather outside.

7. Revolution (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Website | Collingwood St, NE1 1JF | Key Features; Two Bars, Shot Sticks, Happy Hour

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Revolution

I don’t think Revolution needs much introduction as it’s one of the most popular bar chains across the UK. The Newcastle Revs venue is a huge taste of what Revolution bars do best – vodka. Their cocktail list is unbeaten, with revolutionary (see what we did there) creations that will tantalise your taste buds. Pair the cocktails with their famous shot sticks and you’re in for a messy yet fun evening on the diamond strip.

8. Perdu

Website | 20 Collingwood St, NE1 1LF | Key Features; Two Bars, Newcastle’s Largest Outdoor Space, DJ Booth

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Perdu

Out of all the bars on the Newcastle diamond strip, Perdu is a secure favourite with the locals and, you guessed it, cast of Geordie Shore. Perdu offers a more relaxed vibe than the massive nightclubs, but still packs a punch behind the bars. The leather booths and impressive chandeliers make for a truly expensive look, but there’s more to this venue than meets the eye. Walk through the indoor space and out to Perdu’s Alfresco Bar for a jaw-dropping moment. Newcastle’s largest outdoor space is sure to be enough for a night out to remember.

9. Soho Rooms

Website | 25-27 Mosley St, NE1 1YF | Key Features; Two Bars, Happy Hour

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Soho Rooms

Sleek and classy are two words that immediately spring to mind when thinking about the popular Soho Rooms venue on the Newcastle diamond strip. This venue draws inspiration from London’s busy Soho area, bringing a little slice of the capital up North for locals and travellers to enjoy. Soho Rooms are split across two floors with an alluring mystery top floor, entry only. The queues are always long on the weekends, and we think it has something to do with this unmatched drink offers they roll out each weekend for punters to enjoy!

10. Flares

Website | 33 Mosley St, NE1 1YF | Key Features; Cheesy Tunes, Light-Up Dancefloor, Drinks Offers

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - Flares

The cheesy music pumping out of Flares can be heard all over the UK, with venues stretching far and wide across our little wet island. Flares on Mosley Street offer a chance to let loose and get silly in between all the modern, moody venues on Newcastle’s diamond strip. Look forward to throwback tunes, ugly 70s wallpaper and a colourful light-up dancefloor to transport you to another, less serious time. Flares is ever popular with the older crowd as well as girl groups like a hen party.

BONUS: The Green Man

Website | 8 Pudding Chare, NE1 1UE | Key Features; Cool Message, Outdoor Terrace

Diamond Strip in Newcastle - The Green Man

If all these bars on the diamond strip in Newcastle aren’t quite enough, may we present The Green Man as a bonus feature. This pub is unlike your usual sleepy tavern, bringing something special to the pub genre we all know and love. The Green Man is a breath of fresh air with an important message of sustainability behind the tasty drinks and friendly staff. They offer a sleek outdoor area complete with grassy mural plus an upstairs terrace so you can soak in that fresh air – and maybe stave off the worst of the hangover?

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