15 Top Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

If you are taking a trip to Barcelona then it would be a big shame to miss out on the delicious tapas dishes that are dotted throughout the city.

To make things easier for you whilst travelling around Spain, we’ve carefully put together a handy list of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona. Here you’ll find a multitude of dishes, ranging from traditional Spanish tapas all the way to seafood tapas.

15 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona to Visit

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Cañete

1. Cañete

Right in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood, Cañete is known for being one of the finest restaurants in town, especially for their traditional Spanish tapas! The perfect mix between fine dining and intimate Spanish venues, this tapas restaurant is split into two areas. One area gives off the feel of a lavish French bistro whereas the other area offers a more classic Spanish eatery vibe where diners sit around the bar area. The menu at Cañete will leave you spoilt for choice, but after making your decision you can watch the experienced chefs prepare and cook your tapas and serve the treats up to you with pride!

El Raval | Carrer del la Unió | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Jai-Ca

2. Jai-Ca

Serving up tasty tapas and welcoming hungry guests for over 60 years, Jai-Ca is a tapas restaurant that goes down a hit with both the locals and tourists, especially for fresh seafood tapas. All their products are fresh and of high quality, especially the fish which is delivered straight from local boats to the restaurant! Here you will find plenty delicious tapas options, ranging from hot tapas, seafood tapas to fresh traditional Spanish tapas. Jai-Ca itself contains its original wooden bar from the restaurant opening along with the white and black tiled floor, filling the venue with an unforgettable character.

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Carrer de Ginebra | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Lolita Taperia

3. Lolita Taperia

If you want to branch out from traditional and classic Spanish tapas then ensure you head over to Lolita Taperia where you will find unbeatable and unique tapas dishes. The food and drink at Lolita Taperia is fresh and locally sourced yet is decently priced and won’t break the bank if you fancy a feast. They claim to have the best tapas variety and wines in Barcelona, and those who have been before agree! Take a nibble on a mini burger or treat your sweet tooth to some of the exceptional desserts on offer.

El Raval | Carrer de Tamarit 104 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - El Quim de la Boqueria

4. El Quim de la Boqueria

Based within the Boqueria market in Barcelona, El Quim de la Boqueria sources all its fresh and local ignredients right from the market itself, ensuring that the food on your plate is the freshest it could possibly ever be! Here you can treat yourself to fresh Catalan cuisine and tasty tapas dishes perfect for a refreshing lunch, with dishes such as ‘pirons amb mongetes de Santa Pau’ which is baby squid with white beans. Watch the passionate chefs cook up your dishes in front of your eyes at this intimate and unique tapas restaurant.

La Boqueria Market | Local 606 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Tapas 24

5. Tapas 24

Everyone who ever steps foot in Barcelona will hear about Tapas 24. It one of Barcelona’s busiest tapas restaurants and is owned by Carles Abellan, a famous Michelin-starred chef. Don’t let the popularity put you off as there is a good reason as to why it is one of the busiest around, as all those who have been before say not to be surprised if you end up ordering second and third rounds because the tapas is so good! The restaurant itself is bright and lively, and filled with customers from all corners off the world, therefore it would be a shame not to see what all the hype is about.

Carrer de la Diputació | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Dos Pebrots

6. Dos Pebrots

Dos Pebrots is a tapas restaurant that combines old Mediterranean recipes with contemporary contexts, resulting in completely unique and odd yet tasty dishes. On arrival you’ll notice the Japanese style bar around an open kitchen, which constantly emits beautiful and temping smells as you dine. Take a seat, relax and watch the talented chefs cook up tapas dishes in a passionate way that will expand your food palette and surprise you in many ways. So, if you fancy tasting the evolution of Mediterranean gastronomy then Dos Pebrots is the best tapas restaurant to visit.

Gothic Quarter | Carrer del Dr. Dou 19 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Bodega La Puntual

7. Bodega La Puntual

For an excellent selection of delicous tapas and wine in an intimate and welcoming environment, be sure to visit Bodega La Puntual. This tapas restaurant pride themselves in taking great care when creating their tapas dishes, serving them up in an exquisite way to all those who dine there. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to their extensive tapas menu and you’ll certainly get your money’s worth, making Bodega La Puntual a fool proof staple amongst the multitude of tapas restaurants in Barcelona. The venue itself is a perfect combination between tradition and modernity and has spacious areas perfect for larger groups who wish to dine there.

Carrer de Montcada 22 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Entrepanes Diaz

8. Entrepanes Diaz

Becoming many people’s regular spots to eat more and more every day, Entrepanes Diaz is known for its high quality gourmet sandwiches. The menu will overload you with so many delicious options that you will struggle what to choose! One of the favourites amongst the previous customers is the calamari sandwich with mayonnaise, which isn’t exactly something you would think of putting together but it certainly goes down a treat. The restaurant itself has vintage décor and bags of character like no other, making the place easy on the eye and enjoyable to be in whilst eating.

Carrer de Pau Claris 189 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Bar Lobo

9. Bar Lobo

For two floors of moody and monochrome décor with tapas and Japanese mixed menus head over to Bar Lobo. This modern tapas restaurant is a must for many of the locals, as the produce is market fresh and expertly prepared by the talented and passionate chefs who work there. With a big open kitchen visible by all, you can easily sit back and relax in the spacious restaurant as you watch your tapas dishes being created from scratch. Here you will find your typical classic tapas dishes along with one of a kind dishes that you won’t find elsewhere in Barcelona.

Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 3 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Cerveceria Catalana

10. Cerveceria Catalana

If you are a fan of beer and love some tapas then Cerveceria Catalana must be your version of heaven! This tapas restaurant is considered one of the best venues to find a large variety of high quality dishes that come without the high end price tag. You can even wash the tapas down with some of the premium national and international beers that are on offer. The service here is fast, so you won’t find yourself sat at the table with a rumbling belly whilst dining at Cerveceria Catalana.

Eixample Region | Carrer de Mallorca 236

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Cal Pep

11. Cal Pep

Considered to be one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona by many of the locals, Cal Pep focuses their specialisation on scrumptious seafood tapas. The service here is excellent and the friendly staff are happy to recommend their favourite dishes and ensure your dining experience is of high quality and delightful. Everything at Cal Pep revolves around being fresh and fun, the menu itself has been created from a bright culinary view resulting in exquisite and varied dishes that are clearly enjoyed by all those who try it.

Plaça de les Olles | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Antunez

12. Antunez

A chilled, homely and comfortable atmosphere with beautiful high end tapas, Carrer de Neptú is a must whilst in Barcelona. This tapas restaurant is great for groups of any size who are looking to share dishes and try something new. The tapas dishes are traditional with an innovative and unique touch, and the staff are happy to explain the dishes in a well-educated way. The restaurant itself is clean and simple, providing a fantastic place for all to dine in.

Carrer de Neptú | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Vivo Tapas

13. Vivo Tapes Restaurant Cocteleria

There's no better pairing than a host of delicious tapas bowls and a few cheeky cocktails! If that sounds like you, then it would make total sense head down to Vivo Tapes Barcelona with the girls! With a stunning interior and a street-side terrace, this Barcelona tapas restaurant is well worth visiting if you're looking for somewhere classy to enjoy a bite to eat before exploring the city.

C. del Rosselló, 255 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - Bar El Velódromo

14. Bar El Velódromo

A café, bar and amazing tapas restaurant mixed into one wonderful venue, Bar El Velódromo is filled with chrome, wood and marble features throughout with giant windows that let Barcelona’s sunlight flood in. The expert chefs with Michelin stars under their belts who work at Bar El Velódromo produce a variety of high quality and rich tapas dishes that blow diners away day by day and highlight Catalonia’s gastronomic heritage.  With fresh and local ingredients in every dish, you will truly get a taste of Barcelona whilst in this tapas restaurant!

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Carrer de Muntaner 213 | Website

Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona - La Pepita

15. La Pepita

A French bistro style tapas restaurant with graffiti all over the walls, La Pepita is a quirky and unique venue which serves up an array of mouth-watering sandwiches and small plates. This venue gives off a vibe like no other in Barcelona, making it a must whilst you are in the sunny city no matter your group size. Their dishes won’t break the bank as the menu is decently priced whilst staying at a high quality by using fresh and local produce.

Carrer de Córsega 343 | Website

If you’re looking to experience the delicacies that these amazing restaurants have to offer, why not try one on your hen party in Barcelona? It’s a no-brainer!

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