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Activity Details

  • 9 crazy wacky team games
  • Scrumpy cider themed challenges
  • Including inflatables games
  • Fancy dress for the stag

It doesn’t get more hilarious and wacky than the goofy games stag do in Bristol, so if you’re looking for a good time doing something completely new, this will be perfect! Put on your old clothes and really get stuck in for the activity, offering a huge variety of funny games that will have everyone in fits of giggles. Fancy dress is heavily encouraged for this goofy games stag do in Bristol experience, and the more the merrier as you conquer these huge inflatable games.

This event comes complete with everything you need to have an unforgettable experience, so your day is full of fun and stress free. The games include a challenging cider run, a ridiculous pitch fork duel, and even some Vicky Pollard themed handbag combat! You won’t have an experience like the goofy games stag do in Bristol, and with 2-3 hours of the activity to enjoy you’re sure to try everything there is to offer.

What’s Included

  • Enjoy a unique day out for your hen party
  • Personal host will keep you entertained and guide you around the games
  • Fancy dress for the hen to use on the day
  • Everyone will participate in 9 crazy goofy games
  • A prize for the winner in your group
  • Duration 2-3 hours
  • Wear old loose clothes, socks & trainers, fancy dress more than welcome
  • During winter months games might be held indoor - ask when booking

The Following 9 Challenges Could Be Featured in the Goofy Games Stag Do in Bristol

The Cider Run - Tied to a bungee rope, run along the huge inflatable cider course and try to place a plastic cider glass as far along the runway as possible before being flung backwards by the rope!

Pitch Fork Duel - Battle against fellow stags with inflatable pitchforks and test your balance while trying to wipe them off their podium!

Wurzel Knockout - Ready, aim, fire! Using a catapult, launch water bombs towards the "Wurzel dummies" at four different distances away, trying to hit as many as possible!

Tractor Tyre Rolling – Competing against each other, your stag group will have to roll 4 different sized tractor tyres as fast as you can to the finish line!

Vicky Pollard Handbags – It’s all in the name, two of the stag group will be pinned against each other, aiming to hit your opponent with a handbag while wearing hilarious, inflatable costumes!

Welly Wanging - Take it in turn to throw a wellington boot into a series of targets, some easy and some a bit more challenging!

Drunk Pub Skittles - Take to the wooden alley and try your hand at this drunk pub skittles, eyeing up the target of wooden skittles while feeling completely dizzy from spinning round the pole!

Mangold Dangling - Was the last game daft enough for you? Well you’re in for a treat when you play mangold dangling. Bar skittles with humans on cider kegs!

Farmer's Shower - This one is of course optional – Place your stag in the 'Tractor Seat of Truth' and ask hiim a selection of questions, wedding themed or not. The end result is up to you... will your groom end the day covered in the dirty ditch water or be saved?

A point scoring system will be used for each game. Scores will be added together, with the winning player given a prize at the end of the activities.

Seasonal between Spring and Autumn


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