Goofy Games Hen Party in Barcelona

Barcelona Goofy Games
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  • £47.50

Activity Details

  • 8-10 wacky team games
  • Spanish themed challenges
  • Including inflatables games
  • Wipeout, Sumo suits, giant slides

With the Goofy Games Hen Party in Barcelona, What Will Happen?

Battle each other in the Spanish sun in a variety of weird and wacky Spanish-themed games with lots of inflatable fun on a Goofy Games hen party in Barcelona. Whether it’s the classic wipe-out or hitting each other with inflatable logs, all the girls are going to have a fantastic time with this experience. Photographs will also be taken throughout the event as a reminder of your epic party celebrations! The whole group will get to join in on the fun, so make sure you bring some spare clothes on the day… as it’s likely that you’ll either end up wet or dirty afterwards!

What’s Included

  • Action-packed daytime activity!
  • 8-10 goofy Spanish themed games
  • Everyone can get involved
  • Photographs will be taken for mementos
  • Inflatable games and obstacles
  • 3.5-hour duration
  • Morning or afternoon start time
  • Bar serving food and beverages.
  • Activity is about 20mins from the centre of Barcelona, so transfers are recommended
  • We can arrange transfers pick up from / drop off to a city centre meeting point. ­Transfers may be shared with other groups.

The Following 8 Challenges are Featured in the Barcelona Spanish Games Hen Party

1. Big Inflatable Logs

Go head to head one by one and get on top of a podium. This one is all about balance, with big inflatable logs you will each have to try and knock the other off into the water!

2. Bull Fighting

Who has the most aggressive team players? It’s time to find out as one person from each team gets inside of a bull shaped sumo suit. The aim of the game is to push one another out of the hay bales!

3. Fiesta in the Village

In teams make your way up the huge inflatable slide as quickly as possible and slide yourselves down whilst grabbing as many chickens as you possible can! The local villagers won’t be too pleased.

4. Tira y Afloja (Tug of War)

Go head to head in teams and see who has the strongest players with an extremely competitive game of tug of war!

5. El Toro Loco

Duck, dodge and dip as the bull swings around and around and around in a circle. The aim of the game is for your team to work together to make sure you aren’t swept off your feet by simply jumping and ducking.

6. The Spanish Shoot Out

Take your aim and shoot well in the Spanish shoot out, essentially this is a game of paintball where you will be able to take your aim at the bull.

7. Drunk on Sangria

Transform into Las Rambles waiters and run and dodge your way through anything in your way. Whilst trying to keep a tray full of sangria from falling on the floor!

8. Spanish Inquisition

With a Spanish courtroom set up, the bride to be will be in the hot seat at the edge of a pool of water. She will be asked a number of questions in trial. And if she is found guilty, she’s going in.


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