Fun Christmas Party Games for All

Fun Christmas Party Games for Everyone

Christmas is all about having fun with your loved ones… There’s no better way to do that than getting stuck into some fun Christmas games!

We’ve put our festive goggles on and scoured the web with the help of Santa’s elves to find the best Christmas games for you to include into your festive celeb­ra­tions. You will find games that everyone can play, from printable Christmas games to Christmas board games and Christmas scavenger hunts. Got a scrooge in your family? (we all have one) There’s no need to stress as even they will struggle not to crack a smile whilst playing these Christmas party games!

We also have a collection of amazing group activities which would be great for getting your loved ones together and having fun around the festive period!

All Your Christmas Party Games Ideas!

Fun Family Christmas Games

Catering for all ages, these family Christmas games guarantee to get everyone having fun and enjoying Christmas with their closest people. It can be hard to find games which all members of the family will enjoy, especially if there are younger children involved. But we’ve put together a list of the best family friendly Christmas games which won’t cost a bomb and can be reused for many Christmas’ to come!

Christmas Word Search

A Christmas word search is a super easy way of getting the whole family involved in the festive fun. Get simpler versions for the younger family members and more complex versions for the adults. You can create your own or buy pre-made word searches online!

Printable Christmas Word Search - £3.02

Printable Christmas Word Search Game  - DailyChristmasInspo

Christmas Word Search Game - £2.08

Christmas Word Search - Printables4Less

Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a simple concept, so even the little ones can get involved in the fun. Christmas bingo can be played in a variety of ways – use the classic game of numbers or play the board with fun Christmassy emojis like gingerbread men. You could even personalise the game to be about your family with fun photos on the grid. It’s a fun Christmas game idea!

Holiday Bingo Game - £4.61

Holiday Bingo Game - AbbyBostromDesigns

Christmas Bingo Party Game - £5.53

Christmas Bingo - haleyjanedesign

Christmas Puzzles

Puzzles come in many different styles… The first that comes to mind when we think of Christmas puzzles are festive jigsaws! You can purchase jigsaws at various difficulty levels and can even personalise them with a photo of your family. There’s heaps of Christmas game ideas that involve puzzles, such as puzzle books and riddles.

Christmas Snow Themed Puzzle - £16.32

Christmas Snow Themed Puzzle - TheRacingPit

Christmas Activity Book - £2.99

Christmas Activity Book Pack For Kids - UniquePGifts

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas scavenger hunts are a brilliant way of enjoying the festivities with your family. You can personalise the hunt completely to suit the participants and to make things more fun. Throw in prizes for the winners if they find the items your riddles lead to. This family Christmas game is a cheap and cheerful option for those who don’t want to spend much money on a game.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Card - £4.42

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Card - SmittenPaperProps

Christmas Scavenger Hunt - £1.85

Christmas Decorations Scavenger Hunt - WandererDesignShop

Christmas Board Games

Christmas board games are for sure a crowd pleaser when it comes to family Christmas games. There are so many varieties of board games and styles to choose from, making it easier to cater for all those getting involved in the festive fun. You could even spice things up and add another level of compe­titi­veness to the games by sorting out prizes for the winners.

Santa’s Sleigh Dash - £29.99

Santa’s Sleigh Dash - getitprinteduk

Personalised Christmas Board - £51.57

Personalized Christmas Board Game - Funograf

Christmas Charades

Charades is a great game to play for those who have an older family, sometimes the acting may get a bit too much for little ones. Christmas charades will be a good laugh that gets everyone involved. You could make up your own festive themed phrases for free or opt to choose for premade cards online or in a store.

Christmas Charades - £3.90

Christmas Charades - ohhappyprintables

Santa Charades Christmas Game - £8.80

Christmas Santa Charades Game - LittleOrchardCraft

Christmas Trivia 

Everyone enjoys a Christmas when it gets to the festive time of the year. So, why not put everyone’s festive knowledge to the test with a session of Christmas trivia. Even the little ones can get involved – maybe add a kids round where the focus is based on your little ones!

Christmas Trivia Questions - £7.75

Christmas Trivia Questions Game - LittleOrchardCraft

Triva Christmas Game - £8.80

Trivia Party Game - LifeandGlitter

Christmas Games for Adults

Whether your in the office with your co-workers, at home with the family or gathered with your mates, these Christmas games for adults will get everyone laughing! What a fun way to burn off the Christmas dinner calories! Fun Christmas party games for adults come in many different styles, sizes, and prices, which means you can find ones that will suit those around you.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Adults

Christmas scavenger hunts for adults is a fun way of getting everyone bonding on Christmas day and having fun with each other. Escalate the riddles and make them harder than normal or put your own twist on the game – some people opt for rude objects, funny objects or objects related to their family. This Christmas game for adults can be levelled up by including some alcohol into the mix!

Printable Christmas Games for Adults

Printables are a cheap and cheerful way of spreading the festive cheer amongst your friends, family and even co-workers in the office! You can buy customisable templates online so you can personalise the games to be about you and your life or stick to set templates and use the answer sheets to mark the papers at the end. Printable Christmas games for adults can even come in rude versions – so if your group has a more X-rated sense of humour, this may be your best bet!

Christmas Bingo for Adults

Everyone knows the classic game of bingo! Put a festive twist on the game by opting to play a Christmas bingo for adults! You can make the game as advanced as you like if you DIY, but there’s hundreds of options online which will do a great job! We’re talking Christmas song boards, Christmas movie boards and many more.

Christmas Trivia for Adults

Delve deep into your brain and test yourself with some Christmas trivia for adults. This fun Christmas game for adults is perfect if you want to have a bit of control over how long the game lasts – we’ve all been stuck playing Monopoly for hours on end before! Make up your own questions, get some from online or even buy a trivia game to use every year!

Christmas Drinking Games

Drinking games are a classic way of getting a party started! So, if everyone is partial to an alcoholic drink, why not get stuck into playing some Christmas drinking games? Christmas party drinking games can either be based around the festive season, such as a Grinch drinking game – you put on the film, and you drink when anyone says Grinch, or you see the Grinch’s mountain. Or you can stick to classic drinking games such as ring of fire. See below for some epic Christmas party drinking games!

8 Drinking Games in 1 Box - £14.99

8 Drinking Games in 1 Box - PARTYGAMESUK

Competitive Drinking Game - £22

Competitive Drinking Game - ShivooGames

Online Christmas Games

Online Christmas games are the perfect enter­ta­inment for all ages. Whether you’re an adult who loves to game and you want to connect with your loved ones virtually whilst having some fun, or you’re wanting to keep a child pre-occupied with some online festive fun. Virtual Christmas games are becoming a super popular option for many. Here’s some safe websites which have hundreds of xmas games to choose from!

Free Christmas Games

What could make Christmas games better… Free Christmas games of course! We’ve created some free Christmas games which you can just save on to your phone or computer to play virtually or you can print them off to use in person. Printable Christmas games will save you the hassle of paying for products, delivery fees and potentially long waits for the games to arrive.

Click the links below to download some FREE printable Christmas party games! Answer sheets are included.

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