Foot Darts Stag Do in Brighton

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  • £36.00

Activity Details

  • Huge dart board
  • Loads of mini games
  • Hilarious forfeits
  • Bubbly for the winner

What’s Included

  • Play extreme football darts
  • Giant dart board
  • Loads of Velcro footballs
  • Team bibs included
  • Play many mini games
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Forfeits given out
  • Winner receives a bottle of bubbly

The seaside city of Brighton is a fantastic place for a summer escape and home to a variety of brilliant party activities to keep you busy during the day, including activities like the Brighton Football Darts Stag Do. A fun and totally unique activity that’s great for a laugh with your mates and one of the greatest sporting crossovers ever invented!

"A great laugh and a nice change from the typical stag!"

We hope you’re a decent shooter because Foot Darts is all about precise aim. Kick Velcro footballs at a giant dartboard. Same rules as normal darts apply, so make sure to aim for the bullseye and of course, 180! Great for a bit of healthy competition and banter. The winner even gets a free bottle of bubbly! The board is double sided, one side for the main event and mini-games, the other where you can attach some custom-forfeits for the groom!

As well as the main game of darts you’ll also get to play a bunch of fun mini-games too, including Dizzy Bully (where you’re spun around before taking the shot) or Bully Dodge (where you have to avoid the balls between the legs of the board!). They add a ton of extra fun and variety to an already awesome day.

The event is fully co-ordinated with venue hire fully included. Football Darts is playable indoors or outside, so you can play it whatever the weather! The event lasts for one hour total but this can be extended a little for larger groups.

Football Darts is a totally unique activity that’s guaranteed to be a great laugh for you and the lads. It’s a great activity to choose if you’re looking for a party for the groom that’s a little different from the rest and if you’re looking to make some amazing memories with your mates.


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