Foot Darts for Groups in Leeds

Foot Darts
  • Foot Darts
  • Foot Darts Activity
  • Foot Darts Experience
  • £36.00

Activity Details

  • Huge dart board
  • Loads of mini games
  • Hilarious forfeits
  • Bubbly for the winner

What’s Included

  • Play extreme football darts
  • Giant dart board
  • Loads of Velcro footballs
  • Team bibs included
  • Play many mini games
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Forfeits given out
  • Winner receives a bottle of bubbly

If you’ve chosen Leeds as the city to celebrate your birthday in, then you’ve made an excellent choice. It’s easily one of the biggest party capitals in the UK and a city with something for everyone. If you’re looking for something unique to do on your birthday, then the Leeds Football Darts Birthday Party is a great idea. It’s an action-packed day and a great bit of fun. Anyone can get stuck into this awesome activity, which is a blend of two of the nation’s favourite sports!

"Brilliant fun, would definitely do it all over again!"

The Leeds Football Darts Birthday Party follows the same rules as a traditional game of pub darts, so make sure you aim for the bullseye and of course, 180. It uses a giant inflatable dartboard and Velcro footballs. It’s a good chance to brush up on your striking skills and a great bit of casual competition with your friends, although it may get a little more serious once they find out there’s a bottle of bubbly to be won! The board is double sided, one side for the main game and mini-games and the other for sticking your own custom-forfeits to!

Some of the mini-games you’ll get to play include bully dodge (where you have to dodge the footballs without leaving the board) or dizzy bully (where you’re spun around before you take the shot). They add a ton of fun and much more variety to the day.

Since the Leeds Football Darts Birthday Party can be held indoors or outdoors it’s available all year round, making it a highly flexible activity that’s very easy to book, even more so with the event hire being fully included. It’s a fully co-ordinated event too, so you’ll always know what you’re doing. All the equipment is provided. All you need to bring is yourselves, and we highly recommend you do because the Leeds Football Darts Birthday Party is a wonderful way to spend your birthday party and a day out you won’t soon forget.


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