Escape Rooms Team Building in London

Escape Rooms

Activity Details

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Themed rooms
  • Will you escape in time?

The capital of England is a thriving place for businesses, and whether you are from there or are heading up there you will know that it will give your team a new found energy that they can put into their work. especially with the Escape Rooms team building in London. It is the perfect rewarding but effective team day out where you will try and escape your given room as you take on challenges, solve puzzles and find as many clues as you can all in the space of 60 minutes.

What’s Included

  • Will you escape or stay trapped?
  • On arrival, you’ll be given a background story of the game
  • Your group will be split into teams to work in each room
  • 60 mins to solve puzzles and search for clues to escape!
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Each room takes approximately 4-6 people
  • Opportunity for a team photo
  • Challenging and great for team bonding

All of our venues have one thing in common, everybody has to work as a team to earn your freedom. So it is bound to improve everybody’s skills when it comes to working in teams. The aim of this activity is actually very simple, each group will be allocated a certain room, each room has a different theme and backstory so that it is completely different to the next. Depending on what room you go in depends on your scenario. You could find yourself anywhere from an abandoned hotel to a nuclear bunker in an apocalypse! It only gets hard once your inside, and you have 60 minutes to escape…good luck.


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